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TPS Checker: TPS Register Checking Service

Cost: 20 credits (per 1000 numbers)

Your balance: 0 credits


Enter one phone number to be TPS and CTPS checked

is OK to call for telemarketing purposes

is NOT OK to call for telemarketing purposes


Copy and paste multiple numbers (up to a maximum of 1000) into a textbox (from a spreadsheet or similar) and receive a *CSV file showing the result of a TPS & CTPS check on each number.

*CSV - comma seperated value file type viewable in Excel, Google Sheets or similar


Upload a *CSV file our service will scan the file and TPS & CTPS check every telephone number in it.

*CSV - comma seperated value file type (most spreadsheets can be saved as this file type)

Save your numbers as a .CSV file (you can do this in Excel) and click the Choose file/Browse... button below.

Our TPS Checker allows you to find if people and businesses have placed themselves on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) register. Simply search using one or more phone numbers. You will need to log in and buy credits buy credits to use this service.

What is the TPS register?

Telephone marketing is a great way to introduce products or services to potential customers. However, there are strict rules in the UK on how this must be done. If a person has placed themselves on the TPS register, companies must not call them about their products or services and can be fined for doing so. The TPS register is for mobile and landline numbers.

It also applies to companies who place themselves on the Company Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). This is the business version of the TPS – and again applies to both mobile numbers and landlines.

Any company contacting people or businesses via landline or mobile must check against the TPS or CTPS register once every 28 days.

Our fully automated service checks, updates and cleanses a company’s customer data and call list against both the TPS and CTPS registers.

You can combine the TPS checking service with our data enrichment service for a fully integrated data enrichment process. This not only checks whether someone is on the TPS register but also fills in gaps where possible with additional information like their address.

Being on the TPS register is not the same as going ex-directory.

Eliminate the risk of fines

Failing to screen your call list against the TPS/CTPS register can result in up to a £500,000 fine. Reduce the risk with our easy-to-use TPS check service.

Not only is updating your marketing data easy with our TPS checks, it also helps you eliminate the risk of a fine. Any company using a call list to make marketing calls must screen against TPS/CTPS at least once every 28 days.

Fines for companies that consistently contact people who are TPS registered aren’t fixed but can be substantial. The Informational Commisioner’s Office (ICO) has issued fines that run into the tens of thousands of pounds for nuisance callers.

By regularly cleansing your data, you know you’ll be safe from such fines.

How it works: 4 easy steps to run a TPS check

  1. Login or sign up
    Simply register your details to use our TPS check service.
  2. Buy credits
    20 credits per 1,000 numbers. Cheapest rate is £1.20 per 1,000 numbers. Buy credits today.
  3. Choose how to check
    1. Check a single number: Enter the phone number you wish to check. You'll be told whether it's OK to contact this number for marketing purposes.
    2. Copy and paste multiple numbers: Copy and paste your numbers in with each number on its own line. You'll get a .CSV file with the results.
    3. Upload multiple numbers: Upload a .CSV file with your numbers. Again, you'll get a .CSV file with the results.
  4. Get your results
    Get an instant answer or updated .CSV file of your numbers with their TPS status. You can see a sample of what our result will look like

To use our TPS check, you need to sign up and buy credits buy credits. TPS searches cost 20 credits per 1,000 numbers checked. Credits can be bought from as little as £10 for 40 credits.

There are three ways to search:

  • Check a single number: Enter the phone number you wish to check. You'll be tfrold whether it's ok to contact this number for marketing purposes.
  • Copy and paste multiple numbers: Copy and paste your numbers in with each number on its own line. You'll get a .CSV file with the results.
  • Upload multiple numbers: Upload a .CSV file with your numbers. Again, you'll get a .CSV file with the results.

Get more in-depth results

T2A is our API offering – an integrated software you embed in your website or CMS to allow your users to instantly and simply check thousands of phone numbers at once.

This API is ideal for integrating into a company CRM system or other business application as it lets you quickly and regularly cleanse your customer contact data so that you are compliant at all times.

Find out how T2A can help your business

Why use for TPS checks

  • Always be fully compliant with TPS regulations
  • Easy to use whether you need 1 or 1,000 numbers checking
  • Prices from less than 0.1p per number
  • Can enhance your marketing database with our Data Enrichment Service
  • Up to date information from our extensive data sources
  • We are fully GDPR compliant


How do I register with the TPS?

You can visit the official TPS register site and add your details there.

How to register a mobile number with TPS?

You can register your mobile number with the TPS service using a text message. Simply text TPS from your mobile to 85095. This is a free service.

How often do you have to register with TPS?

Ideally, once you’ve registered for the TPS service you won’t need to do it again. You don’t need to renew your registration, whether it’s a landline or mobile. Registration might take some time – if you’re still getting calls after 28 days of registration, contact the TPS directly.

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