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TPS Checking Service

Telephone marketing is a great way to introduce products or services to potential customers. However, there are strict rules in the UK on how this must be done. If a person has placed themselves on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) register, companies must not call them about their products or services and can be fined for doing so.

This also applies to companies who place themselves on the Company Telephone preference Service (CTPS).

Our fully automated service checks and updates a company’s customer call list against both the TPS and CTPS registers.


Enter one phone number to be TPS and CTPS checked

is OK to call for telemarketing purposes

is NOT OK to call for telemarketing purposes


Copy and paste multiple numbers into a textbox (from a spreadsheet or similar) and receive a *CSV file showing the result of a TPS & CTPS check on each number.

*CSV - comma seperated value file type viewable in Excel, Google Sheets or similar


Upload a *CSV file our service will scan the file and TPS & CTPS check every telephone number in it.

*CSV - comma seperated value file type (most spreadsheets can be saved as this file type)

Save your numbers as a .CSV file (you can do this in Excel) and click the Choose file/Browse... button below.

T2A pipes

T2A logoT2A API - TPS Checking

TPS check residential or business telephone numbers via the T2A API and ensure TPS/CTPS compliance.

Find out more

T2A pipes

Companies must run customer databases against TPS to ensure they are legally allowed to call people.

Check if your details are on the TPS register if you do not want to receive sales and marketing calls.

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