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What is teleappending?

Use our telephone number appending (also known as "teleappending") service to improve your business and consumer marketing lists with an up-to-date telephone number sourced from all of the licensed UK telephone providers. As part of the process all telephone numbers that are appended will be TPS/CTPS checked for free.

Example of telephone number appending result
Telephone Number Appending Result Screen Shot

It's free to check how many phone numbers can be matched against your marketing list and you are only charged when you download the result.

  1. To start the process, simply upload a CSV file and select whether the file contains residential or business data.
  2. Once you have uploaded your CSV, you will need to indicate the format of your CSV, i.e. which column is the name, which column is the address and which column is the postcode.
  3. You will now be able to view a free summary of your teleappending job, indicating how many records we have found with a telephone number and how many records are on the TPS register. You will also be informed how many credits it will cost and are under no obligation to download the results.
  4. If you wish to proceed, you need to click "Download result" link which will decrement your credits and return your CSV with five new columns. The first column indicates whether any telephone number was found, the second provides a landline telephone number for the record (where possible), the third indicates the landline TPS status, the fourth provides a mobile telephone number for the record (where possible) and the fifth column indicates the mobile telephone number's TPS status.
  5. The resulting teleappended CSV will then be saved into your previous jobs list and is available to re-download for 28 days.

Our competitively priced teleappending service has a fast yet powerful matching algorithm to find as many up-to-date phone numbers for your records as possible.

Prices start from less than 2p per row on our biggest credit packages. Please call 0800 0 607080 for more information.


T2A API - Telephone Number Appending

Teleappend residential or business telephone numbers to a CSV dataset via the T2A API and improve your consumer and business marketing data.

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