Number of credits Price (inc. VAT) Price per credit
50 £10.00 20p
200 £30.00 15p
500 £72.00 14.4p
1,000 £132.00 13.2p
1,500 £180.00 12.0p
3,000 £324.00 10.8p
8,500 £816.00 9.6p
12,500 £1050.00 8.4p
20,000 £1,440.00 7.2p
30,000 £1,800.00 6.0p

Larger invoiced packages are available on request, apply for our corporate site.


Individual Service Prices

Service name Credits per use
Person searching
Phone numbers *1
Phone numbers (additional information) 4
Find a person 5
Find a person (additional information) 1
Address-only 4
Electoral Roll Search 4
Person Verify 10
Age Verify 10
Home Owner Verification 20
Mobile Verification 2
Postcode/Address Search 2
Business phone search *1
Company Information FREE
Company Details 1
Company Officers List 1
Company Credit Report 50
Company Document Download 25
Director Search FREE
Director Details 10
TPS/CTPS Checking 20 per 1000 numbers checked
Teleappending 0.5 per record
Share Result By SMS 2
Share Result By Email FREE
UK Dialling Code Search FREE
International Dialling Code Search FREE
Deceased Check 1 (+10 if match found)
IP Location *1
Service name Credits per use

*Free searches - all users get 5 free telephone phone number (residential or business) or IP location searches a day.

All search fees are subject to VAT. Rates are subject to annual review. Corporate site may be branded to customer's specification. Access restricted by password or IP restriction. Not available to DQ service providers or resellers. Multi-location organisations by arrangement. Subject to fair usage policy - please see our terms and conditions.

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