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Find Postcodes & Addresses from Postcode Outers List

Use the list of postcode outers – the first part of the postcode – below to find all postcodes within that area. Select the postcode outer you require from the list below (Ctrl-F to find in page) and click on it to find a further list of postcodes. Read More

Once you've selected your postcode, our Postcode and Address Finder function will be automatically populated with those details to help you find full address details.


Looking for more in-depth results?

Once you're at the pre-populated Postcode and Address Finder search, you can add the property number to find the exact address or just search that postcode. To use this search, you will need to buy credits or subscribe to our advanced search tool, ORBIS.

ORBIS provides

  • Exclusive access to additional datasets and advanced functions
  • Unlimited searches for multiple users across your organisation
  • Flexible subscription pricing based on the size of your company

T2A API provides

  • High quality data embedded into your company website or app
  • Ensures your products and services are always up to date and relevant
  • Accurate, fast and reliable data trusted by blue chip companies and start-up businesses alike

Why use

We are proud to offer the most powerful person and business search tool in the UK. This is used across the country to:

  • Check the accuracy of addresses to inform internal records
  • Pinpoint company locations ahead of meetings and trips
  • Ensure postal communications are delivered to the correct address

We consider data security to be of the utmost importance. That's why all of our records are stored and managed securely in accordance with the very latest GDPR laws.

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