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Postcode Finder UK – Address Finder

Find any UK address or correct postcode from with our UK Postcode Finder. Simply provide us with the address or postcode to find a full and accurate address for deliveries or navigation purposes. Read More

Our Postcode Finder uses data from Royal Mail Postal Address Finder (PAF). You need an account on and to buy credits to search for addresses and postcodes in the UK.

Cost: 2 credits

Your balance: 0 credits

Postcode Finder

Address Finder

View a full list of all UK postcodes

Getting the most from our UK address finder

When you buy credits, you get the full set of postcode address finder results available on For more details, we offer subscription-based services.

ORBIS is the corporate edition of, trusted by polices forces and businesses to find people and addresses.

T2A is an integrated API used to find people in the UK, search addresses and postcodes, and verify identities and customer information.

What results will you get from our UK post code finder

When you use the Postcode Finder to find a postcode using an address, you’ll be shown a clickable list of potential locations that match the street address you provided. Choose one to be directed to a list of all the building numbers and postcodes on that street.

Using our Address Finder to find an address using a postcode will provide you with a list of all the complete addresses that correspond with that postcode.

Spend extra credits to access further data such as the names of current and past occupants, as well as Land Registry information and additional property details.

How to find a postcode from an address

To find the correct postcode for any address in the UK, type the street name into our Postcode Finder and click Search. You’ll receive a complete list of streets across the UK that match that name. If you want to narrow it down further, you can also include a city, town or general location in the Search box.

Click on the address for a full list of addresses on that street, complete with the correct postcode.

To search for an address, you will need to create an account and buy credits. Credits cost £10 for 40 credits, or £30 for 150 credits, and each postcode search costs 2 credits. If you want more information on the occupants of the house, you'll have to spend an extra 4 credits.

How to find an address from a postcode

If you have a postcode but an incomplete address, use our Address Finder to search for the street name. Input the postcode in the Address Finder and click Search. You can include a building name or number if you have that information, which will help narrow down your results.

You will need to buy credits to search for an address. Credits cost £10 for 40 credits, or £30 for 150 credits, and each address search costs 2 credits. After that, you can spend 4 credits to see further information on the occupants of the building.

Why use

We are a trusted and comprehensive source of postcode data. It can be used to:

  • track down the correct details for specific people
  • make sure important mail is delivered on time and to the correct location
  • provide the correct destination when planning journeys.

All our address and postcode data is collected from Royal Mail Postal Address Finder (PAF). We store all our data safely and securely, according to the latest GDPR laws.

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