Person Identity Verification

Verify that a UK person exists.
You can check a single person or upload multiple people in a .csv file


How it works

We have created an identity verification service that checks a supplied name and address against our UK people data and confirms if the person exists.
If the name and address is not matched in our data, a ‘Not Found’ message will be displayed.
This service will cost 10 credits for each name and address checked.

Do not show this message again

Option 1.

Check a single person:

Option 2.

Upload people to verify:

Save your names and addresses to verify as a .CSV file (comma separated value file). You can save a spreadsheet in Excel as a CSV file. Then click the choose file/browse button below


T2A API - Person Identity Verification

We also provide person identity verification via an API. This can be integrated to your eCommerce checkout to prevent fraudulent transactions or your customer relationship management (CRM) system.