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Person Identity Verification Service

Use our identity verification service to check a person is who they claim to be. Its quick and easy to perform an identity check against our vast dataset of 48+ million UK people.

Cost: 20 credits

Your balance: 0 credits

Verify person identities by saving names and addresses as a .CSV file (you can do this in Excel) and click the Choose file/Browse... button below.

Unfortunately we do not provide bulk verification services on mobile devices. If you would like to make use of this service, please visit this page on a device which is capable of desktop resolutions.

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Businesses across the UK use our verification of identity tool to conduct their KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks on new customers. Knowing you’re dealing with a genuine customer who lives at the address they’ve provided gives you confidence to accept online and telephone orders.

Each identity check requires 20 credits to complete. You can purchase a range of credit packages from just £10 for 40 credits.

Looking for more in-depth results?

If you require additional background information on the person, a subscription to ORBIS is the ideal solution for businesses. With ORBIS, your organisation can make use of a powerful search tool that places in-depth datasets at your fingertips.

The benefits of ORBIS include:

  • Access to in-depth data unavailable to the general public
  • Unlimited access to any number of users across your organisation
  • Flexible pricing tiers suitable for all sizes and types of business

As a separate integrated solution, we also offer T2A Person Verify API . This can be built into an existing CRM system, website or app to assist with mandatory KYC and AML checks.

T2A also offer age verification and photo ID verification APIs, which can be used in conjunction with the identity verification checker.

What results will you get?

This identity verification service can be performed at a cost of 20 credits, per person searched (visit our credit packages page for more information on pricing).

After you submit a search, a result page will appear. If the identity of the person is genuine, a green tick and “verified” text will appear next to the name searched.

If we cannot verify the identity of the person, a red cross will appear next to their name on the results page.

Person Verification Result

How to verify a person?

To verify a single person’s identity, simply type their first name, surname, postcode and the first line of their address into the boxes above. Then click the "check" button.

If you have not purchased credits with us before, you’ll then be prompted to buy one of our credit packages and set up an account.

How to check the identity of multiple people?

Need to check the identity of a larger list of people? Simply click on the 'Check multiple people' tab in the search box. You'll then be prompted to upload a CSV file, which contains the details of the people to verify.

Once you've uploaded your file, a page appears allowing you to quickly map the columns in your CSV file to the required pieces of data, such as first name and postcode.

If your file already has headings, there’s a tick box on this page to indicate so. This will ensure that the headings are not treated as a submitted record.

Once you've mapped the columns of your CSV, click Continue. A page then appears with a summary of the number of records we could verify.

We will also confirm the total number of credits needed to perform the online verification of identity for all records. Verification of each individual person on the list is priced at 20 credits.

Using our identity verification tool for AML and KYC checks

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks are mandatory for all UK businesses. These checks safeguard against any money laundering or fraudulent activity being carried out by customers or employees.

Our person verification service is used by businesses up and down the country. It works by matching your searched person against over 48 million records, harnessed from trusted sources such as the UK Electoral Roll.

Why use

At, we help millions of people every year to find reliable information on people and businesses.

As one of the most trusted directory search sites in the UK, we know how crucial it is to handle and store data responsibly. That's why our data practices adhere to the very latest GDPR laws and regulations.

Our comprehensive dataset consists of over 130 million records, drawn from a range of trusted data sources that include Companies House, the Royal Mail Postal Address Finder (PAF) and the UK Electoral Roll.

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  • Age Verify – This tool can be used to verify the age of a customer, wishing to purchase age restricted products or services.
  • Mobile Verify – A check for UK mobile phone numbers, which confirms whether the number is active and names the network it is associated with.
  • Homeowner Verify – Search by name and address to ensure that a person is the registered owner of a property.
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Guard against fraudulent transactions by integrating Person Identity Verification functionality into your website, app or CRM with our API by T2A

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Know Your Customer

Our Person Verification service is a cost-effective way for companies to do their mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) checks.

Revenue Protection

Increase your revenues through Person Verification to identify people using false tickets, in business sectors such as transport and event entertainment.

Fraud Prevention

Check a person’s identity to guard against fraudulent activity in your website transactions or customers’ telephone purchases.

Prescription Tablets

Verify the person paying during the sales transaction for potentially dangerous products like prescription drugs. You can also use our Age Verification service to check they are at least 18 years old.

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