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Person Identity Verification

Use our identity verification service to check a person is actually who they say they are. Identity checks against our vast dataset of 48+ million UK people are quick and easy to do using the form below.

Businesses can also use our identity verification service to conduct their KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks on new customers.

Knowing you are dealing with a genuine customer who lives at the address they have provided gives businesses confidence to accept the transaction when people are buying their product online or over the phone.

Verify person identities by saving names and addresses as a .CSV file (you can do this in Excel) and click the Choose file/Browse... button below.

Unfortunately we do not provide bulk verification services on mobile devices. If you would like to make use of this service, please visit this page on a device which is capable of desktop resolutions.

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Guard against fraudulent transactions by integrating Person Identity Verification functionality into your website, app or CRM with our API by T2A

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Know Your Customer

Our Person Verification service is a cost-effective way for companies to do their mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) checks.

Revenue Protection

Increase your revenues through Person Verification to identify people using false tickets, in business sectors such as transport and event entertainment.

Fraud Prevention

Check a person’s identity to guard against fraudulent activity in your website transactions or customers’ telephone purchases.

Prescription Tablets

Verify the person paying during the sales transaction for potentially dangerous products like prescription drugs. You can also use our Age Verification service to check they are at least 18 years old.

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