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ORBIS - The UK's Premier People and Business Search Tool

ORBIS is the corporate subscription service from

ORBIS is an enhanced version of that has helped public sector organisations and private companies find address, business and person details since 1998.

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Why subscribe to ORBIS?

With ORBIS, you get all the functionality of but with:

  • Access to additional datasets not available to the general public.
  • Enhanced linking of people and address records.
  • Unlimited concurrent users across an organisation.
  • Flexible pricing options ranging from a SME limited usage package to an Enterprise unlimited usage option.

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 (0)1904 217765

What some of our customers have to say about ORBIS…

Detective Inspector

Metropolitan Police

“ORBIS has been an invaluable tool in finding people and verifying their identities in our investigations. With vast amounts of data connected up in one place it has saved hours of searching.”


Raspberry Software

“Working with ORBIS has been a very rewarding process for us. Their agile and flexible approach to delivering quick solutions to the data requirements we had for our system has been very refreshing. Add to that the fact that through their API we have access to good quality data at very good value prices, this relationship has been a win for us and a win for our clients.”

Senior Project Process Analyst


“ORBIS has been indispensable in supporting us operationally across our call centres and our delivery drivers. ORBIS has ensured that goods are delivered to the correct person at the correct address.”

Key ORBIS features:

Phone Search - Our phone number search gives you and your colleagues unlimited access to exactly the same directory data as costly 118 services, derived from all the UK’s telecom operators.

Address & Postcode Lookup - ORBIS gives you direct access to the Royal Mail addresses file covering every location listed in the UK using a simple search tool. If your addressing needs are even greater, you can access this data via our powerful API. Just contact us for details.

Find a Person - Our people finder is used by virtually every business and public sector type. Drawing on multiple sources of opted-in data, we offer what is probably the UK’s most powerful search tool to help you find people and 'linked' individuals.

Director Search - With Director Search, you can instantly check if someone is genuine about their business position, if they’re disqualified or bankrupt, and what other businesses they are involved with now and in the past. ORBIS helps you keep your own business healthy and free from bad debts.

Company Search - ORBIS goes much further than simply finding information on PLC and Limited UK companies – it also includes credit scores and provides detailed information on LLPs.

TPS/CTPS Checking – Using the Telephone Preference Service and Commercial Telephone Preference Service is vital if you do telemarketing. With a potential £5,000 fine for calling a TPS registered person or business, it’s not worth the risk of not checking before you call. We give you three different ways to check depending on your business practices.

Who uses ORBIS?

Police & Security - ORBIS information aids investigations and ensures efficient use of man-power resources. Its integrated mapping, residential and business information, and powerful search and analysis capabilities, make it an essential tool for all law enforcement and security operations.

Property & Lettings - ORBIS helps companies within the property sales and lettings sector find the names of property owners and identify landlords of rental accommodation. The unique ZoneSearch feature allows you to obtain all the ownership and property details of houses within a specified area on a map, ideal for targeting certain areas with local marketing campaigns.

Financial Services - Banks, building societies and insurance companies use ORBIS to verify a customer’s identity and other details including property ownership and Companies House information. Performing an initial KYC check on information supplied by potential customers is an essential first step in the process of providing financial products such as loans, mortgages and insurance policies.

People Tracing & Debt Collection - With ORBIS you can find a person from even just partial details, searching across multiple data sources of the UK electoral roll, Companies House, phone book and consumer data. You can view their past and present properties, names of people living at the same addresses and any business co-directors.

Logistics - Used by the majority of high street delivery firms, ORBIS mapping visualises delivery addresses with a geo-search overlay facility giving the names of all property occupants. Powerful residential and company address search features ensure accurate delivery details for drivers even when the source address information is incomplete.

Legal Services - Many law firms throughout the UK use ORBIS for Land Registry information and details of household occupants, to assist with conveyancing and verifying property ownership. Person search and person verification within ORBIS are also vital tools for law firms trying to locate individuals in skip-tracing and debt collection work, plus the KYC and Anti-money laundering checks they are required to make.

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