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22nd June 2022

Welcome to our Brand New Look Website

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A guide to the changes and new features on

New Site Design and improved Home Page now has a fresh modern design across the website with more images and uniform styling, resulting in clearer, easier to use search forms. Home Page

The new home page brings a lot of the information searches available on to the front of the website. From the home page you can now search for business, as well as person information, and see details of our other key services such as Address & Postcode Search and Age Verification.

New Navigation Menu

We’ve made it easier for customers to find the information search they are looking for by grouping each of our services under 5 main categories:

  • People
  • Verification
  • Addresses
  • Businesses
  • Marketing

Simply click on a main category in the new menu on the left hand side to reveal each of the services featured in that category.

New Home Owner Verification and Mobile phone number checking

With our new Home Owner Verification service you can find out who is the registered owner of a property and then view other details from HM Land Registry such as Title Plan documents. This is especially useful for some of our business customers like Estate Agents and Mortgage providers.

You can now check UK mobile phone numbers to verify that the number is correct, see if it is still an active number and also find out the mobile network provider.

Separate Telephone Directory Enquiries Searching

We listened to feedback from our customers and split the Directory Enquiries service into a separate Business Telephone number search and a Residential Telephone number search.

Business Telephone number search – this has now been simplified so that you can search on ANY type of business and/or the business name.

Improved Buy Credits page

The Buy Credits and Pricing pages have been combined to show more information such as the number of credits required for each service.

As well as prices, there is now a description for every service to inform customers exactly what information they can expect to receive in each search result. As with the menu, all services are now split into the 5 main categories of People, Verification, Addresses, Businesses or Marketing to make it easy to look for the search you want.

My Account section

The redesigned My Account section has been completely revamped so you can see all your account information more clearly on one page, making it easier to find and update your details.

When a customer is logged in, a ‘sticky’ footer bar remains at the bottom of every page displaying the number of credits, so you can see your remaining credit balance wherever you are on the site.

If you haven’t visited our website recently why not go to today and take a look around?


Simunix is the development team behind We also offer our services via T2A Web Services API, 118 365 directory assistance number and our powerful corporate service; ORBIS.

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