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22nd February 2024

Introducing Data Enrichment

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We have rebranded our 'Teleappending: Telephone Number Appending Service' to a new name, 'Data Enrichment'.

Why have we renamed Teleappending to Data Enrichment?

This rebrand better reflects what the service offers. Data Enrichment encompasses a broader spectrum of services, incorporating advanced techniques such as data cleansing and offering a range of valuable information beyond telephone numbers. With a focus on both business-to-business (B2B) and people data, our service ensures enhanced accuracy, completeness, and usability.

What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment is the process of refining and enhancing raw data by incorporating additional data or improving the quality of existing data. It involves various techniques, including data cleansing, to ensure that the data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Data cleansing, a key component of data enrichment, involves the identification and correction of errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in datasets.

B2B data enrichment specifically focuses on enhancing business-to-business (B2B) data. It involves adding valuable information to B2B datasets, such as websites, addresses, phone numbers, and TPS checks, to make the data more comprehensive and useful for targeted marketing and sales activities.

Enriched data, resulting from the data enrichment process, is data that has undergone enhancements and improvements. This enriched data is more accurate, complete, and valuable for analytical purposes, enabling businesses to gain meaningful insights and make informed decisions based on high-quality information.

How does it work?

Head to Click 'Marketing' then 'Data Enrichment' and upload your CSV file. Select 'business records' or 'residential records' depending on the type of data and 'upload and continue'. Match up your columns with the appropriate titles by dragging and dropping. Click 'standard scan' or 'advanced scan'. Leave the file to process, this may take some time, but you can exit the page and browse the rest of the website while you wait. When your file is ready, it will be available under 'finished jobs' in the 'Data Enrichment' tab.

Before you download and are charged for the results, you have an opportunity to view a free summary of the number of records found.

You can also complete an 'advanced scan' at this stage. This allows you to see any other occupants for each record, which may be necessary if the original scan did not bring back the required match.

When you download the CSV file, all your data will remain in the same columns as before, but several new columns will be appended to the end with Simunix data (e.g. telephone numbers & TPS status).

Business data enrichment

Found: When the result column says 'FOUND' this verifies the name and address you have provided match a record found in our data.

Name Found: The name as it appears in our data. Our data is occasionally slightly different from the name you have provided. For example, the name on our data is Susan Smith instead of Sue Smith.

Address and postcode found: This could be slightly different from the address and postcode you have provided.

Telephone Number and TPS: We compare the data you have provided to search for a contact telephone number and when one is provided, we check it against the TPS and CTPS register to determine if it is 'ok to call'.

Contact Name: This is provided to help you personalise your communications.

Website Provided: Where available, we will match the data record with a website.

Status: This confirms if the company is still trading or dissolved.

Option to add a UPRN.

People data enrichment

Found: The name and address you have provided, matches a record in our data.

Provided name found: Provides name found, in case this is slightly different to the name you have on file.

Address and Postcode Found: The address and postcode you have provided is slightly different from our data.

Telephone Number and TPS status: We compare the data you have provided to search for a contact telephone number and when one is provided, we check it against the TPS and CTPS register to determine if it is 'ok to call'.

Contact Name: This is provided so you can personalise your communications.

Option to add a UPRN.

With an advanced scan, we can provide the following:

Found Extra: Other occupants at the address.

Property Information: type, sale price, data, council tax band

Why we're different.

You can view all your previously enriched files under the 'data enrichment' tab, allowing you to return to the results whenever you need to.

We offer the option to view a summary of how much data we have added before payment.

What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency and user convenience. With our platform, you have the unique advantage of accessing all your previously enriched files through the dedicated 'data enrichment' tab. This feature allows you to revisit and utilise the results at your convenience, providing a user-friendly experience.


Our corporate data service, ORBIS, offers a more advanced data enrichment tool. ORBIS has access to additional data sets not available to the public. Equally, ORBIS offers 'ZoneSearch' a data extraction tool that allows the user to select a geographical area, and filter by gender, age, business type etc… This supports marketing, sales, and data interrogation endeavours. Get in touch for a free demo to see if ORBIS is suitable for your needs.


We also offer residential and business data enrichment via an API. Use T2A to add contact information and cleanse the data in your Customer Relationship Management CRM system.


Simunix is the development team behind We also offer our services via T2A Web Services API, 118 365 directory assistance number and our powerful corporate service; ORBIS.

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