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10th April 2023

Finding people not listed in the telephone directory

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Finding numbers for people who are unlisted or ex-directory is not possible. It’s within everyone’s rights to ask for their phone number to be removed from all listings – and we are happy to provide that service at

What is ex-directory

Ex-directory means that someone has asked for their phone number to be removed from the telephone directory. Ex-directory means the same as being unlisted.

ukphonebook telephone data and ex-directory numbers

Our telephone number data is updated each night (6 nights per week). In that data, about 75% of the people have exercised their right to not be listed in the telephone directory.

Previously, the regulation of this data meant we were prevented from giving out any information about those people  to our users. In other words, we were not even allowed to say whether a number was ex-directory. All we could say was ‘No records found’.

If the person had an unlisted phone number, this meant we were actually providing incorrect and misleading results. There is a difference between having no record (that number, person, address doesn’t actually exist) and being ex-directory (that person exists but has chosen to hide their details). 

With a change in the regulations, we can now report if a person is unlisted (or ex-directory). We give extra information in the summary shown when your search results are displayed.

A typical report is:

We found 1 result, which is ex-directory and cannot be displayed.

Finding people’s details on

If you visit you may search the residential telephone directory for free, and if the person you seek is not listed you will now be informed.

The right to privacy of that person is respected; we do not give any information about that person, other than the fact that she or he is unlisted. 

It should at this point be stressed that we do not  - and cannot - reveal their telephone number (we don’t have unlisted telephone numbers on file).

If the person is not listed at all in the telephone data, you may search the Electoral Roll data

Purchase one of our competitively priced credit packages to be able to search for people on the latest UK Electoral Roll data, and use our many other services.


Simunix is the development team behind We also offer our services via T2A Web Services API, 118 365 directory assistance number and our powerful corporate service; ORBIS.

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