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4th April 2023

How to find who lives at an address

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There are many reasons why you might need to find who lives at an address. It could be you’ve moved into a new house and want to get to know the neighbours. Or you need to check that a new business client is really who they say they are. You might want to buy the house and are looking to get on first name terms with the current owner.

Whatever the reason, there are a few ways to do check who lives at an address in the UK. And can help you do this with our range of search tools.

How do you find who lives at an address for free in the UK?

There aren’t many ways to find out who lives at a certain address for free – and with good reason. Many people – rightly so - value their privacy and right not to be found.

This is why we usually charge when providing someone’s address details.

Ways to find who lives at a specific address

There are several ways to find out who lives at an address online if you have the right details. Knowing the exact address and postcode helps. Then you need to who where to look.

Electoral Roll searches

This is usually the best place to start as it’ll provide up to date details and a full list of all people living there. You can do this in person but it’s a lot faster online.

With our Electoral Roll Search, we not only provide the up to date details but also include where residents have previously been registered, when they registered and any connected people.

You’ll need to register and buy credits to complete this search.

Use a Find a Person search

With our Find a Person Search, simply add in the house number, street, postcode and location and we’ll provide you with a list of people living in that house now and in the past.

If you can’t find the house number, search using the street and you’ll get all people living on that street.

You’ll need to register and buy credits to complete this search.

Try the Land Registry

While this is usually used by businesses, you can search for the owner of a property using the Land Registry. The Government provides this service at a cost of £3 per title register. It gives a detailed view of who owns the property, but not who else lives there. Or you could sign up to our Orbis subscription service to get access to Land Registry search results.

Companies Houses searches

You could find out who lives at a residential address if a business is registered at that address. Companies House details usually provide the name of the company’s director. If that business is registered at a residential address, it’s often the case that the director also lives there.

Use the Company Information Search to find out if the address you’re seeking details for is a registered business.

You’ll need to register and buy credits to complete this search.

Find who else lives at an address

Some of the ways of searching will provide details of the registered owner of a property or the business owner. But don’t often provide details of who else lives at that address.

The best ways to find who else lives at a specific address are the Electoral Roll and Find a Person searches.

You’ll need to register and buy credits to complete this search.


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