only charges for successful search results.

11th June 2019 has listened to its customers and will now only charge for searches that yield a positive result. This applies to person search for a UK resident, who lives at an address, telephone searches (residential and business) and many other services. has decided to only debit credits on searches that yield results. That means that when you use any of our services; searching for a UK telephone number, find who lives at an address in the UK or just a simple person search for a UK resident, we will only debit your credits when you find a record. Previously, a search that yielded no results would still debit the credit value of that search.

We have made this change due to a large amount of customer feedback on the topic. We at really value our customers and their comments and this change highlights that we do listen to and act on such feedback.

This change represents real value for our customers and should make the user experience on more satisfying. 

Many thanks!