118 365 has reduced the cost of the service to £2.00

11th June 2019

Simunix has reduced the cost of its UK directory enquiries sevice (118 365) from £3.60 to just £2.00.

In a move that has benefited consumers, Ofcom have introduced a price cap on 118 telephone numbers. We at Simunix welcome this move as call costs to 118 numbers had been rising dramatically, with many consumers calling the numbers that they knew, rather than looking for cheaper alternatives such as 118 365.

The deregulation has brought back pricing to 2012 levels and is more in line with what customers expect to pay for a directory enquiries service; the maximum charge being £3.65 for a 90 second call.

An even more cost effective UK directory enquiries service for business and residential telephone numbers can be found at ukphonebook.com, which offers 5 free searches per day.