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Mobile Phone Number Checks & Verification

Use this search to check a mobile phone number's status. Simply type a mobile number into the search box to find out whether the number is legitimate and in an active contract.

Cost: 2 credits

Your balance: 0 credits

Check a Mobile Number



Network: UK - VODAFONE

Original Network: Telefonica UK Limited

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Our mobile number check will also tell you the name of both the current network the mobile phone is assigned to and its original network. This tool is particularly useful if you need to validate a contact number provided for a supplier, client, or prospective customer.

Each completed mobile phone number check requires 2 credits. Our credits are available to purchase in a range of low-cost packages that start at just £10 for 40 credits.

Looking for more in-depth results?

If you require more in-depth contact information, look no further than ORBIS. This is our powerful search tool developed for businesses. It provides:

  • Additional datasets not available to the general public
  • Unlimited users across an organisation
  • Flexible pricing options to suit all company sizes, from SMEs to blue chips

Or you could use our T2A API for mobile phone number validation to check mobile numbers supplied by customers. This API can be integrated with an eCommerce checkout or used offline as part of a customer management system.

What results will you get?

When you click to check a mobile number, a results page will appear which lists the following information:

  • Confirmation of whether the number is active or out of contract
  • The current network the mobile phone is on
  • The original network the number was assigned to
  • The country where the mobile phone is registered
Mobile Verification Result

How to check a mobile number?

To check a mobile phone number using our tool, simply type the number into the "Mobile number" box above and then click "check".

The number must be for a UK mobile. All UK mobile numbers start with the prefix "07". This number can be entered in one of two ways:

  1. As 11 digits (e.g “07xxx xxxxxx”)
  2. With the country code included (“+447xxx xxxxxx”)

Why use

For more than 20 years, have been providing free online directory enquiry services to the general public.

We hold data for over 130 million records, which is sourced from a range of trusted data providers. These sources include Companies House, the Royal Mail and the UK Electoral Roll.

Our organisation is committed to best practices when it comes to handling and storing data. This is carried out in accordance with the latest GDPR laws and regulations. Consequently, our Trustscore on Scamadvisor is 100/100.

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