Targeted Marketing Data

Select data by location, age, gender and more

We can provide your business with targeted direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing lists of UK consumer and business data. The data can be filtered by various parameters to ensure you only get the information most useful to your business.

Email and we can provide you with a bespoke quote for a single transaction, or sign up to our corporate site if you you need a regular supply of marketing data.

B2B & B2C data


Our data on UK people includes name, full address, gender, telephone number, mobile number, email address, age, marital status, length of residency, employment status, property value and property type.

All our people data can be TPS/MPS checked and suppressed against the bereavement register. We can also filter the data by some of the fields mentioned above (e.g. "people over 60", "people over 60 living in a house worth over £1,000,000").


We also have data on UK Businesses including the following information: business name, business address, business classification (e.g. "plumber"), telephone number, contact name, contact email, contact job title, number of employees, annual turnover, year established and company type (plc or ltd).

Our business data can be TPS checked. We can also filter the data by some of the fields mentioned above (e.g. "restaurants with over 10 employees", "businesses with turnover over £1,000,000 in Manchester").


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