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Find and view an address on a map

Quickly find and view any UK address on a map. You can find an address from a postcode using our map search, or type in the full address for more accurate results. Read More

Need more detailed address information? Subscribe to our advanced search tool, ORBIS.

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Looking for more in-depth results?

With our ORBIS map function, you can not only search both Google Maps and Ordnance Survey maps, but also view property details on the map such as owner names, title and deed.

ORBIS also provides:

  • Exclusive access to additional datasets and advanced functions
  • Unlimited searches for multiple users across your organisation
  • Flexible subscription pricing based on the size of your company

How to find an address on a map

Simple type in the location details you have – whether that's part of a postcode, the full postcode, a street name or the full address. You will then be given a map of that area.

If you don't have the full address details, you can use our other services to Find a Postcode. This search allows you to add part of a postcode to find an address or add an address to find the postcode area.

Why use

Using maps with allows you to conduct your address searches in one location. You can build out the full address details using our various tools, and then find its location using Maps search.

We consider data security to be of the utmost importance. That’s why all of our records are stored and managed securely in accordance with the very latest GDPR laws.

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