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Land Registry: Land, Property & Title Number Search

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Our complete Land Registry search solution is available to all Orbis subscribers. This enhanced Land Registry search is especially popular with estate agents and solicitors, but also useful to any company that needs to identify a property owner.

You can check whether someone lives at a certain address with our homeowner verification search.

Search results are fully integrated with address, person and business data so they'll include a summary of landlines, mobile numbers and email addresses. There's also a breakdown of other occupants for the property, where applicable.

With an ORBIS subscription, your business can gain unlimited access to our in-depth listings, including the Land Registry property search. These are updated with millions of data points to keeps listings up to date.

How to do a Land Registry search

Carrying out a Land Registry search on Orbis is fast and straight forward. Search using the address details for the property, a title number or possible owner name. Once you’ve clicked onto the listing you want to find out more about, you'll be able to:

  • Verify who is the lawful owner of the property in question
  • Identify the title number of the property
  • View the title deeds (including a visual plan of the land boundaries)

When you use ORBIS to perform a Land Registry search, you can be assured our listings reflect any amendments made to the property on the HM Land Registry.

How long does a Land Registry search take?

Our Land Registry search tool returns results instantly, allowing you to verify a property owner and title number at the click of a mouse.

What is a priority search of the Land Registry?

A priority Land Registry search is a vital step in the conveyancing process. It allows property solicitors to check whether any changes have been made to a property title, prior to the completion of a sale.

Why use Orbis

ORBIS has been a trusted partner to both public and private sector organisations for over 25 years. It provides access to over 130 million records to all manner of businesses such as police forces, logistics companies and private investigators.

Taking out an ORBIS subscription provides your business with:

  • Enhanced linking of people and address records
  • Unlimited access to any number of users across your organisation
  • Flexible pricing options to suit any budget and ORBIS are owned by Simunix Ltd, who are committed to ensuring that all data stored adheres to the latest GDPR laws and regulations.

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