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IP Location Address Lookup

Use our IP address lookup to find geographical location information for any IP address or website domain. This useful IP address tracker will confirm the country and city associated with the address.

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Every device or computer, which is connected to the internet has an IP address (also known as an internet protocol address). This is associated to a real-world geographical location.

An IP address search allows you to locate where an IP address originates from and can be a valuable tool for those creating localised marketing campaigns. Searching a domain can also help you check the legitimacy of a website.

You can carry out five IP locator searches for free each day at Need more searches? Simply choose from a range of low cost credit packages.

Looking for more in-depth results?

As an alternative to credits, we also offer powerful corporate solutions for IP look up. These have been built for public sector organisation and private companies alike, providing more detailed results, as well as greater usage capability.

Our ORBIS platform is trusted by a wide range of clients, including police and security services, private investigators, and solicitors. It offers:

  • Access to a greater depth of data
  • Unlimited user access across a business
  • Flexible pricing to cater to all company sizes

T2A IP locator is our API software. This can be integrated into your website or app. It will provide your visitors with a tool to find the geographical location of a computer or device, via a simple IP address lookup form.

What results will you get?

When you use our IP address location finder, you'll be able to see the following details on the results page:

  • The associated ISP (Internet service provider).
  • A country code
  • A country name
  • Latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates
  • The name of the nearest city

How to find the location of an IP address?

It's quick and easy to use the IP address lookup function. Simply type any IP address or website domain into the box at the top of the page and then click the "look up" button.

Wish to input your own IP address? You can find this by typing "what is my IP address" into a search engine. This will tell you what your public IPV4 address is, which is a series of numbers separated by full stops (e.g

To obtain the public IP address and geographical location of a website, simply type in the website’s domain into the search box. This should exclude the "https:" prefix (e.g

Why use

We have over 20 years’ experience providing business and people data to users online. All of our data, which comprises 130 million+ records, is handled with the utmost care to adhere to the latest GDPR laws and regulations.

Our records are obtained from highly trusted sources, which include the UK telephone directory, the UK Electoral Roll and Companies House.

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