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Search for a person at a UK address and find out if they are the registered owner of the property.

This service is useful for individuals wishing to check property ownership details and also businesses such as solicitors, estate agents and mortgage providers

You can view historical, as well as current, property ownership details including HM Land Registry Title Plan and Title Register documents.

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Property Owner Verification

Where the person is found to be the present owner, or a previous owner, the following information is given:

  • If the ownership is Freehold or Leasehold.
  • Ownership start and end dates for historic records.
  • If it is Sole or Joint ownership.
  • Land Registry Title number

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Definition of terms

If you are unsure about some of the terms used in property ownership verification, please click on an item below for more information.

Freehold or leasehold

If a person has Freehold ownership they own the property AND the land it sits on for an unlimited period of time.

If a person has Leasehold ownership they only own the property, not the land. Freehold is for a certain amount of time which can be decades or hundreds of years depending on the lease.

Sole or Joint Property Ownership

Sole ownership means that just the person you have searched for owns the property

Joint ownership means that another person(s) also have ownership of the property.

Title Number

Title number is a unique reference number for the property given by HM Land Registry when the property is registered. The number appears at the top of the Title Register and Title Plan.

Title Details

An ORBIS corporate account is required to view Title Details. Apply for an ORBIS account.

Title details consist of the Title Register and the Title Plan held at HM Land Registry.

The Title Register gives details of the title in 3 sections:

  1. Property Register – states the local authority that the property comes under and describes the land and estate comprised in the title.
  2. Proprietorship Register – details the class of the title, identity of the owner, date and price of purchase.
  3. Charges Register – any charges and other matters that may affect the land.

Only when title registration has been completed by HM Land Registry will the legal title of the property transfer to the new buyer.

Title Plan

An ORBIS corporate account is required to view Title Plans. Apply for an ORBIS account.

An Ordnance Survey map produced by HM Land Registry which records the boundaries of the property outlined in red.

This is a sample record to demonstrate the information available with a Home Owner Verify search.

Sample Record 1
Sample Record 2
Sample Record 3
Sample Record 4
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