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Losing contact with family and friends can happen for several reasons, and getting back in touch can be a challenging task. Fortunately, can help you trace and reconnect with those you've lost touch with. Here's how to use to find and reconnect with old friends, estranged relatives, or missing beneficiaries:

Locate People:

- Have you been reminiscing about old friends and want to rekindle those connections? is the first step.

- Simply input the person’s name into the search function. You'll be provided with their current address and phone number, so you can drop them a message or send a letter, ultimately making it easier to reach out.

Trace Estranged Relatives for Genealogy:

- Used to trace your newfound relatives? Whether for family history research or to rebuild relationships, use

- Use to search for the names of estranged relatives. Search the name and city/ town of the person you are trying to locate. The search results will yield addresses and contact numbers, giving you the tools you need to take that first step in connecting with a new relative.

Find Missing Beneficiaries:

- Legal and financial matters sometimes require locating missing beneficiaries.'s database can assist in this, with millions of people records, it is the first point of call to locate people.

- Input the necessary information into's search, such as the name of the beneficiary or any known occupants associated with them. You'll receive phone numbers, addresses, or details of anyone residing at the given address.

Use Social Media to Find a Person:

- Try using social media to find your old friend by searching their full name and city in the search bar. You can also try to locate the person by writing a status in a local town page and see if anyone has any connections to the person you are looking for.

Can’t Locate a Person:

The data comes directly from the edited Electoral Register, so if the person you are looking for isn’t displaying, they have likely opted out of the public ER. In this case, don’t give up! If you have their last known address, you can use the identity verification function. Simply type in the persons full name, last known address, and postcode, and if they are still living at that address, you will receive a ‘verified’ message with a green tick.

Reconnecting with old friends, rediscovering estranged relatives or finding new relatives can be an emotional task. The important thing is to make sure not to give up. adds new records every month! So, keep checking to see if their record filters through in the next refresh. simplifies the process of finding a person, offering a convenient way to track down individuals from your past. With, you can take that first step toward reconnecting with the people who matter most to you.


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