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At, data is what we do. We aim to have the most up to date and in-depth people data in the UK, allowing you to find loved ones, check address details and search business details.

We only ever source our data from trusted sources and never include details of anyone who requests to be removed.

What we use our data for

Our data powers our search functions. We licence data from a number of highly trusted and accurate data sources and use them to provide you with the search results you need – whether you’re searching for people’s addresses, personal phone numbers or business details.

The data we supply

We supply person data under licence from five types of data supplier. We receive regular updates from these suppliers to ensure that the data is highly accurate and reflects people's decisions on inclusion in each source.

The Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is a publicly available list of all people who are allowed to vote, along with their address details. There are two version of the register :

  • The FULL version – This includes, the name and address of all people who are of voting age in the United Kingdom.
  • The Edited / OPEN version – This is the version uses. It is a subset of the FULL register, and it includes all the people of voting age in the UK with the exception of those who have opted to only appear in the FULL register.

How many Electoral Roll data points do we have: Around 48million 1

How we use Electoral Roll data: We use it in our Electoral Roll search, as well as helping to populate our Find a Person search.

Telephone Directory

This is the listing of all people subscribed to a landline telephone service in the UK. While it was originally a book delivered to people across the UK, these days it’s more likely to be found online. People can choose to opt out of having their details published in the directory – at which point they become ‘ex-directory’.

How many Telephone Directory data points do we have: 5.5 million.

How we use Telephone Directory data: This is used in our Residential Telephone Directory and we also include the data in the Find a Person search.

Companies House

Companies House is a government agency that registers all company information in the UK. The data includes company names and addresses, director details, company status, incorporation dates, plus many more useful pieces of information. can provide phone numbers if the company is listed in directory enquiries and can also supply up-to-date accounts.

How many Companies House data points do we have: Over 4 million limited companies, with 500,000 new ones added yearly 2.

How we use Companies House data: Our business searches us Companies House including:

Royal Mail's Postal Address Finder

This is a database used by the Royal Mail that contains all the 'delivery points' in the UK. Every house and business in the UK has been given an address as part of the Royal Mail’s Universal Service Obligation. The data includes an accurate address, longitude and latitude co-ordinates and a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).

How many Royal Mail's Postal Address Finder data points do we have: There are over 30 million registered UK addresses.

How we use Royal Mail's Postal Address Finder data: We use the data to ensure that the address fields in all our person records are accurate. We can also perform a person search by locating an address and showing all the occupants who live there.

Consumer data:

Permissioned consumers data is supplied to us by Sagacity Limited. Sagacity and their data partners have created a database called Active File that provides marketing list comprised of individuals in the UK who have opted to receive direct mail marketing.

How many consumer data points do we have: 35 million

How we use consumer data:

How we collect our data:

The data we use is provided to us under licence from Sagacity Limited.

How often we update our data:

We update our data every quarter.

Get more data with ORBIS

With an ORBIS annual licence you get the functionality of with:

  • Access to additional datasets not available to the general public.
  • Enhanced linking of people and address records.
  • Unlimited concurrent users across an organisation.
  • Flexible pricing options ranging from a SME limited usage package to an Enterprise unlimited usage option.

How we handle our data: (Simunix) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data.

In order to provide our person, phone number, and address search we publish personal data from the databases listed above. We have assessed the basis on which we process such personal data and the lawful basis for processing. To find out more, please read our privacy notice.

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