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The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the tradition of sending heartfelt Christmas cards to family and friends. However, creating a mailing list and gathering addresses can sometimes feel like a daunting task. But fear not! is here to take the pressure off your Christmas preparations. Here's how you can use to make sending your Christmas cards easier:

Find Family and Friends' Addresses:

- One of the most time-consuming aspects of sending Christmas cards is collecting addresses. simplifies this task.

- Begin by visiting and deciding which credit option is right for you, we’d recommend starting with 150 credits for £30. Use the user-friendly search function and enter the names of family members and friends for whom you need addresses, and the town or city they live in.

- will provide you with comprehensive results, including the names of residents and accurate spellings. This ensures your cards are addressed correctly.

Organize Addresses in an Excel Document:

- Once you've gathered the addresses, it's time to organize them efficiently. Create an Excel document and input each address along with the names of the recipients.

- Organizing your addresses in a spreadsheet allows you to have a clear overview of your Christmas card mailing list. You can also easily track which cards you've sent, and which ones are pending.

The Fun Bit – Write and Send Your Cards:

- With your Christmas card mailing list ready, you can now enjoy writing your heartfelt messages in each card.

- As you write your cards, cross-reference your spreadsheet to make sure you're spelling their names correctly.

- Once your cards are written, it's time to send them on their way, spreading Christmas cheer to your loved ones around the globe.

An environmentally friendly option:

- Want to preserve the environment this Christmas? Why not hand deliver as many cards as you can this year? That way you get to visit your loved ones while dropping their card off.

- Why not give virtual cards a go? This year, use sites such as to send personalised virtual Christmas cards, plant a tree and send money to your friends and family.

By utilizing to find addresses and create an organized Christmas card mailing list, you'll not only save time but also ensure that your cards reach the right person with precision and care. No redirected post to old addresses! This winter, get ahead of the chaos and let be your trusted companion in making your Christmas card sending experience one less thing to worry about!


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