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Find A Person Or Phone Number By Address Search

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When 'Exact matches only' is ticked, we will return results strictly based upon your search input. You will no longer see similar results.

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Use Find a Person to search for person in the UK using our extensive dataset. We can find the correct name, address, postcode and phone number of a UK resident. We draw data from the UK Electoral Roll, telephone directory and the Royal Mail Postal Address Finder (PAF) – so you can be sure the information is accurate. Read More

You will have to sign up and buy credits to use this UK people finder search – this will provide you with a person's name, address and phone number (if available). We can also provide further detailed results, including maps and linked contacts, for extra credits.

For alternative free ways to find someone's address in the UK use our Find a Person A to Z or the Postcode Outer List.

Looking for more in-depth results

For those looking for more extensive search results, we also offer alternative, subscription-based services that can provide additional information.

ORBIS is the corporate partner to, used by polices forces and businesses across the country to find people and verify identities. It has all the same functionalities as our Find a Person service, along with:

  • Access to additional features that’s not available to the general public.
  • Enhanced connection links between people and address records.
  • Flexible pricing options and multiple user function.

T2A is our API offering – an integrated software you embed in your website to allow your users to find people in the UK, look up addresses and postcodes, and validate customer information.

What results will you get

When you search for someone on Find a Person, all results will include name, address and postcode. Some results may also include a phone number (if it’s listed), month and year of birth and if they’re an appointed company director.

Find A Person Search Results Screenshot

You will also be able to see where we've drawn our data from – CH for Company’s House, CD for Consumer Data, etc.

Use extra credits to access additional information, such as Land Registry information, deceased checks, the names of other current and past occupants of the address, and a list of potential linked contacts.

How to find a person in the UK

Our Find a Person service is the easy way to find someone from their name and location: simply input the name and location, then click Search. The more information you can include, the more detailed your results will be.

When trying to find an address of a person you can select ‘Exact matches only’ if you feel you already have the correct details. However, if you’re struggling to find an address for a person, then opt for broader search terms and ensure everything is spelled correctly.

The results you receive are drawn from the telephone directory, consumer data, the UK electoral roll and Companies House.

You will need to buy to use Find a Person. Credits cost £10 for 40 credits, or £30 for 100 credits, and each in-depth search costs 5 credits. If you require additional data, then our subscription service ORBIS may be a better fit for you.

Why use

Use Find a Person to save time and effort when it comes to searching for names and addresses. Use it to look up your cousin's new address before setting out to visit them, find the new address of a relative or friend, or find out the location of a client if you’re a solicitor or debt collection agency.

We collect our information from the UK electoral roll, directory enquiries, Companies House, and the consumer data. In accordance with the latest GDPR laws and regulations, we will never share your data without permission.

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  • Person Identity Verification – Use our Person Identity Verification service to check a person is who they say they are and protect yourself from scams.
  • Postcode Finder – If you have an address but no postcode, our Postcode Finder can help. Likewise, if you have a postcode and house number, it can provide you with a full address.
  • Residential Telephone Directory – Search our UK Residential Telephone Directory to find a person's phone number by name and location.

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T2A API - Person Search

We also provide a person search via an API to let you search by name and/or address for information on UK residents.

Apply for our corporate account to access the * full electoral roll.

* Full electoral roll searches are only permitted to certain organisations e.g. local authorities and police forces.

ORBIS logo ORBIS logo

Person searching with ORBIS - the corporate version of

With an ORBIS annual licence you get the functionality of with:

    Access to additional datasets not available to the general public.
    Enhanced linking of people and address records.
    Unlimited concurrent users across an organisation.
    Flexible pricing options ranging from a SME limited usage package to an Enterprise unlimited usage option.

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