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Electoral roll search by name or address

Search the Electoral Roll to find the names and addresses of most adults in the UK. If you're looking for a specific person or address, our service can help you search the electoral roll quickly to retrieve the information you need. Read More

This is a specific search that accesses data from the Electoral Roll. You must create an account and buy credits to start searching.

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What results will you get

A standard search is four credits and will display a person's name, address and postcode. Spend more credits to receive extended search results with additional details including maps and Land Registry information.

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Looking for more in-depth results

Our Find A Person service provides access to additional data sources, including the telephone directory, Companies House, and consumer data. If you're looking for even more detailed results, also has a number of subscription-based services that may be more suited to your needs:

ORBIS is's corporate partner – trusted by FedEx and the Met police force as the ultimate data directory. As well as the information provided by the Electoral Roll, Orbis searches include:

  1. Features currently unavailable to the general public
  2. Land Registry and home ownership/titles
  3. Multi-user function for organisations of all sizes

T2A is an integrated API that allows you to add Electoral Roll search functions to your website.

How to search the electoral roll

We've made it easy for you to search the electoral roll: all you need is a name and general location. Extra information may help narrow down your results, but it really is as simple as that.

Select 'Exact matches only' if you know your information is correct, then click Search. If you can’t find the result you’re looking for, try using broader search terms – and make sure you've spelled everything correctly.

You will need to buy credits to search the UK electoral roll. Credits cost £10 for 40 credits, or £30 for 150 credits, and each electoral roll search costs 4 credits.

Why use

Searching the electoral roll on is a quick and easy way to find names and addresses. You could use it to double-check an address before sending a wedding invite, or maybe make sure that your grandmother has given you the correct postcode for her new address.

All our data is collected and handled in accordance with the latest GDPR regulations – and stored securely, so you can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands.

Related Services

  • Find a Person – Our Find a Person service is a comprehensive search that draws data from multiple sources including directory enquiries, Companies House and the Royal Mail Postal Address Finder (PAF).
  • Postcode Finder – Whether you have a street address but no postcode, or a postcode but no street name, our Postcode Finder can help you find an incomplete address.
  • Residential Telephone Directory – Find a person's home phone number with our Residential Telephone Directory. All you need is their name and location.

T2A API - Electoral Roll Search

We also provide an electoral roll search via an API to help with data cleansing, identity verification and other business requirements that require searching against UK residents who have appeared on the electoral register.

ORBIS Swirls
Get additional information and enhanced linking of people and address records with ORBIS, our corporate version of ukphonebook

Apply for our corporate account to access the * full electoral roll.

* Full electoral roll searches are only permitted to certain organisations e.g. local authorities and police forces.

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