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Director Search: Find Company Directors Details

Our Companies House director search tool features a list of director appointments for all UK businesses. To search for a director of a company type a director name, location or company into the search box for a list of all relevant directors, their associated business, status and address.

Company Director Details

When 'Exact matches only' is ticked, we will return results strictly based upon your search input. You will no longer see similar results.

Do you need more in-depth information as part of your director search? Simply buy credits or subscribe to our advanced search tool, ORBIS.

Looking for more in-depth director search results?

When you carry out a Companies House director search with, you'll be able to view basic details free of charge. To carry out a more in-depth company director search - such as finding appointment and resignation dates - buy a credits package. They are available to buy from just £10 (for 40 credits).

Alternatively, you may want to consider subscribing to one of our enhanced corporate subscription data platforms.

ORBIS provides:

  • A range of advanced functions and additional data
  • Unlimited searches for any number of users in your business
  • Flexible pricing for subscriptions to suit any budget

T2A API provides:

  • A powerful embedding of data into your company website or app
  • Ideal for keeping your products and services up to date
  • Data provided with speed, accuracy and reliability to businesses up and down the UK

What results will you get?

Each Companies House director search provides the director's name, address, status and associated company. By using just 10 credits, you’ll gain access to additional information from your director search. This in-depth information features a summary of all director roles that person has held.

This complete summary includes:

  • The status of the company
  • Nationality of the director
  • The director's country of residence
  • Appointment date
  • Cease date of their role if applicable
Director Details Screenshot

How to find a company director

Simply type the name and location of the company director into the search panel, along with an optional company name.

You'll then see a list of all relevant directors we hold details for in our database, which features the very latest appointments listed on Companies House.

The basic details for that company director will be displayed and are free of charge to view. If you require further information, click on the relevant listing and use 10 credits to view a more comprehensive summary.

Credits are available to purchase from as little as £10, which is equivalent to 40 credits. If you need to carry out numerous searches every day, you may wish to consider an ORBIS subscription, which provides unlimited searches.

Why use

For over two decades, businesses up and down the UK have trusted in their pursuit of reliable and accurate data they can trust. This includes those searching for information on company directors.

Our organisation has built the UK's most powerful tool for business related searches and data security has been central to our growth.

The millions of records we hold are stored and managed securely in accordance with the very latest GDPR laws.

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