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UK & International Phone Area Codes

Look up UK and international dialling codes (also known as ‘STD codes’) to discover where unknown numbers are calling you from. Simply type in the area code and we'll tell you which region that phone number belongs to. Or you can type in a location, and we'll give you the dialling code for that area. Read More

Searching for telephone area codes is free. To unlock in-depth data, purchase credits and access our comprehensive online Telephone Directory.

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Looking for more in-depth results

If you need further information on a UK phone number – such as the owner's name or registered address – our Residential Telephone Directory is a great place to start.

You get 5 free daily searches on this service. After that, you will need to buy credits. Alternatively, you can subscribe to one of our extended search platforms.

ORBIS is our corporate data service, offering unlimited searches, multiple user profiles and full access to extensive datasets that are currently unavailable to the general public.

T2A is a single API that collates precise and up-to-date information on residential and business telephone numbers across the UK. Among other uses, you can use it to validate phone numbers, check dialling codes, and pinpoint the location of a mobile or landline number.

What results will you get

When you search for a Dialling Code or Location, we will display the STD code alongside a clickable link of the area. Clicking on the location link will present you with a Map of the region, supplied by Google Maps.

You can look up as many UK and international dialling codes as you need to – our Dialling Codes search feature is free to use.

Dialling Codes Result

How to find a dialling code

Dialling codes are the digits at the beginning of all UK landline phone numbers that identify the call's regional location. They’re also known as area codes or STD codes, though the latter has fallen out of fashion.

For example, if you had a York number of 01904 555 555, the first section (01904) is the dialling code. For international telephone numbers, the area code will usually have either two zeros (00) or a plus symbol (+) in front of it.

Our Dialling Code search function is easy to use, simply type in the information you have into one of the boxes and we'll provide you with the correct area code and location for that number. This information is provided by public data sources including Directory Enquiries.

Search for as many STD codes as you need – each area code search is free. Potential reasons you may need to use our Dialling Code search include:

  • Checking where someone is calling from.
  • Researching how to dial a number in a different country.
  • Looking up the area code for someone who hasn’t provided a complete telephone number.

Why use

Get quick access to UK and International dialling codes on We’ll provide you with the accurate information you need to find out the location of any telephone call in the UK.

We acquire our data from trusted sources like Directory Enquiries, Companies House and the UK Electoral role, so you can be sure it’s up to date and accurate. We take data security extremely seriously. All our records are stored securely, according to the latest GDPR laws and regulations, and we will never use your data without permission.

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We also provide the UK dialling code lookup and international dialling code lookup via an API. Each method lets you find a dialling code by location or a location by dialling code.

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