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B2B & B2C Data Enrichment Service: Append Contact Numbers

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Our service improves business and consumer marketing lists by adding up-to-date contact phone numbers sourced from all the licensed UK telephone providers. As part of our telephone number appending services, all phone numbers that are added will be TPS/CTPS checked for free.

Unfortunately we do not provide the data enrichment service on mobile devices. If you would like to make use of this service, please visit this page on a device which is capable of desktop resolutions.

What is data enrichment?

Data enriching, also called data appending, is a process of improving your data with supplemental information from verified third party sources.

Our service primarily adds telephone numbers to your data and is often referred to as telephone number appending or teleappending. We can enhance both B2B and B2C data by matching supplied names and addresses in a CSV file against millions of UK people and business records to find a current contact number. Using our enriching tool your data can have phone numbers added or you can verify the telephone numbers you have on file are current. Our final step during the process is a TPS and CTPS check against all the telephone numbers provided.

Additional data
Our residential data enrichment (B2C) also offers an advanced scan to find other occupants at a given address, giving you alternative contacts. Our B2B enrichment also adds a contact name, business website, company number and company status.

You can also use our service to improve lists of people or business data that only contain an address and postcode.

Example of CSV after processingData Enrichment Result Screen Shot

How to use our data enrichment service

Using our service you can view a free summary of how many telephone numbers could be added to your marketing list. You are only charged – or need to buy credits - when you download the result of a data enrichment job.

  1. Upload a .CSV file and select whether the file contains residential or business data.
  2. Indicate the format of your .CSV. Which column is the name, which the address and which the postcode.
  3. View a free summary of your data enrichment job, indicating how many records we have found with a telephone number and how many records are on the TPS register. You will also be informed how many credits it will cost and are under no obligation to download the results.
  4. To proceed, click "Download result". This will take credits from your account and return your CSV with five new columns.
    • First column: whether any number was found
    • Second column: landline number for the record (where possible)
    • Third column: the landline TPS status
  5. The resulting CSV will then be saved into your previous jobs list and is available to re-download for 28 days.

Our competitively priced data enrichment service has a fast yet powerful matching algorithm to find as many up-to-date phone numbers for your records as possible. Prices start from less than 2p per row on our largest credit packages. Please contact us for more information.

Corporate pricing and additional datasets available
ORBIS, our corporate version of is a subscription service that gives you access to more telephone details, allowing you to produce more complete lists.

API access

Our T2A API offers a data enrichment solution that can be embedded in your website or CRM software allowing you to instantly append thousands of contact phone numbers to your data.

This API is ideal for any marketing or sales activity where you have a CRM system, or list of current/potential customers, but some or all the contact telephone numbers are missing.

Find out more about our data enrichment API and how it can help your business.

Why use

  • Prices from 2p per row
  • Create complete and in-depth marketing databases
  • Can enhance your marketing database with our TPS checks
  • Up to date information from our extensive data sources
  • We are fully GDPR compliant

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