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Not a Real Company Ltd 000000000

Company Name Not a Real Company Ltd
Registered Address 23 Imagination Forest
Rose Garden
YO10 5DG
Website -
Email Address -
Telephone Number -
Fax Number -
Incorporation Date 17th Dec 1998
Company Number 000000000
Trading Address -
Company Status Active
Type Private Limited Company
Share Capital -
Currency -
Previous company names
  • Used To Be A Real Company (2nd Jan 2012)
SIC07 -
SIC07 description -

Credit Rating & Limit

68 Today's Rating [1-100] 68 Previous Rating [1-100] 58
Today's Limit £50,000 Previous Limit £30,000
Today's Contract Limit £88,000

Rating - Key Financials Filed / Established

Rating Description
71-100 Very Good Credit Worthiness
51-70 Good Credit Worthiness
30-50 Credit Worthy
21-29 Credit Against Collateral
1-20 Caution - Credit at your discretion
Not Rated Please see report for description

Rating - Newly Incorporated

Rating Description
51-100 Low Risk
30-50 Moderate Risk
1-29 Caution - High risk
Not Rated Please see report for description

* The recommended credit limit is calculated using a formula that analyses information from a company's financial accounts and payment record. The ltd company credit limit is our recommendation of the total amount of credit that should be outstanding at any one time.


This company has been treated as a Small company in respect of the rating/limit generated
This company has only made late payments on a low percentage of invoices.
The latest Balance Sheet indicates a positive net working capital position.
The latest cash balances represent a positive level in terms of the overall outstanding creditor obligations
There has been an increase in shareholders funds compared with the previous balance sheet.
This company trades in an industry with a lower level of corporate failures.

Key Financials

Year to Date Turnover Pre Tax Profit Shareholder Funds Employees
31st Dec 2013 £10,000,000 £30,000 £20,000 -
31st Dec 2014 £12,000,000 £31,000 £20,000 -


Total Number of Exact CCJs 1 Total Value of Exact CCJs £6,002
Total Number of Possible CCJs 0 Total Value of Possible CCJs -
Total Number of Satisfied CCJs 0 Total Value of Satisfied CCJs -
Total Number of Writs 0

Exact CCJ Details

Date Court Amount Status Case Number Date Paid
1st Jul 2010 HAMPLETOWN £6,002 Set Aside DUMMYCASENUMBER 1st Sep 2010

Possible CCJ Details

There are no possible CCJ details.

Writ Details

There are no writ details.