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UK Business Telephone Directory

Our Business Telephone Directory is the modern answer to a telephone book. To find a phone number for businesses or discover a business address, simply search for a business by name and location.

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Phone Numbers - Businesses

When 'Exact matches only' is ticked, we will return results strictly based upon your search input. You will no longer see similar results.

You get 5 free searches a day, which include the business phone number, address, postcode and business classification. You will need to buy credits to find further business details. We collect our extensive business data from trusted sources including Companies House and directory enquiries – so you can be sure the details we provide are accurate and up to date.

Looking for more phone number for businesses

Our business telephone directory provides in depth results. If you want to search multiple business details, we offer subscription-based services that can provide more in-depth results on your search for business telephone numbers.

Trusted by the Met police force and businesses across the country, ORBIS is our corporate service. The platform includes all the same functionalities as, with additional premium access to:

  • Features and information inaccessible to the general public
  • Enhanced linking between people and businesses
  • Flexible pricing and multiple user profiles

T2A is our integrated API – software that can be used to find business phone numbers and addresses and verify across the UK. Some of the uses for T2A include:

  • Validating company and VAT numbers
  • Obtaining business credit reports and mortgage indexes
  • Searching for company directors and officer appointments

If you're looking for a person's home phone number, search our Residential Telephone Directory instead.

What results will you get

You get 5 free searches of our Business Telephone Directory daily, which will display a list of business phone numbers, names and addresses that match your search terms. Additional searches costs one credit.

Spend additional credits for more searches and to access more detailed information, including:

  • names of current and past directors/secretaries
  • publicly filed statements of account
  • business property details
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How to find a business phone number by address or name

To find business information, type in a business name and location, and we'll provide you with their address details.

You can also search by business type – such as bakery, retail shop, etc – if you’re unsure of the company name. This is useful if you need a service in a town you’re visiting, searching for business competitors in your area or are planning an event.

Our information is drawn from public data sources – including Companies House and directory enquiries – so you can trust that it is accurate.

You must create an account and buy credits to access our Business Telephone Directory. Credits cost £10 for 40 credits, or £30 for 150 credits. If you wish to access more detailed data on a business, you must pay an extra 1 credits.

Why use

At, we make it easy to find the business phone number you need. Whether you need to source a supplier or simply confirm a company's delivery address, our Business Telephone Directory can speed up your search.

Our extensive business data is drawn from publicly available information sources – including directory enquiries and Companies House. We're trusted by high-security clients including the Met police force and FedEx, and in accordance with GDPR laws, conform to all the latest data security regulations.

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Find a business telephone number by name and location. Alternatively search by business classification code via the T2A API.

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Business searching with ORBIS - the corporate version of

With an ORBIS annual licence you get the functionality of with:

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    Extract data lists of business and people records.
    Unlimited concurrent users across an organisation.
    Flexible pricing options ranging from a SME limited usage package to an Enterprise unlimited usage option.

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