UK V.E.D. (“Car Tax” / “Road Tax”) Abolished

Well, not really.

But as of one minute ago you no longer need to display the evidence of your recent expensive contribution to the UK Government’s wasted spending on [insert your favourite hated item here]. When you next renew the tax, you will not receive a disc.

So, drivers of the United Kingdom, enjoy your greater windscreen space.

Unfortunately you still have to pay.

UK Telephone Dial Codes Changes from October 1st 2014

Two significant changes are about to affect many people in the United Kingdom from 1st October 2014.

  1. The traditional car tax disc (or VED disc) is abolished from that date.
  2. The UK will undergo another telephone dial code change.

Well, sort of. Not really.

You may remember the code changes a few years ago, when ‘1’ was inserted into many codes, some codes were totally changed, and London gained two area codes.

In October 2014 no area dial codes are really changing, but in just a few areas of the UK, landline users will no longer be able to call a number in that same area, without using the area code..

Incredibly in this era of almost univeral mobile phone ownership, you may still spot a local business that lists their telephone number without an area code. This is particularly irritating if you live at the edge of the area covered by your local code (plumbers vans seem to be the most common examples for some reason).

Of course, mobile phone users have always been required to dial a full telephone number, including the UK area code. From October 1st 2014, local landline telephone users in the areas listed below will need to do so as well.

The cost of that local call will be unchanged.

The areas affected are:-

Area Dialling code
Aberdeen 01224
Bradford 01274
Brighton 01273
Middlesbrough 01642
Milton Keynes 01908

For more information, visit the Ofcom site.

“UKPB Free Directory Enquiries” available in Google Play App Store

An app to look up UK telephone numbers and addresses for free, now available on Android devices.

YORK – September 16, 2014 – Now available, the app UKPB Free Directory Enquiries offers Android users the ability to search the full UK telephone directory for free, avoiding costly 118 calls. It allows customers to find telephone and address information for people and businesses, as well as look up postcodes and dialling codes. Electoral roll and mobile telephone number information is also available. This is the first Android app to be developed by Simunix, the company behind the directory enquiries website,

UK based users of the UKPB app have 10 ‘free credits’ every day that can be used to search the phonebook, Royal Mail and dialling code data. ‘Paid credits’ may also be purchased in order to search the edited UK electoral roll and find mobile phone numbers where available.

To perform a people search using the phonebook data, users enter a name and location to get the telephone number and full address as well as an interactive map of that location. Name-only and address-only searching can be performed using the electoral roll data.

Businesses can be searched by business name, or the app can use the customer’s location information to find the results nearest to them. Alternatively, a location can be specified for more targeted searching.

“Since launching our website in 1999, we have seen a huge increase in the cost of directory enquiries information. With the launch of our UKPB Android app, we are offering quick and easy access to free directory enquiries as an alternative to dialling expensive 118 numbers.” Says John Lewis, Managing Director of Simunix.

UKPB Free Directory Enquiries is available to download worldwide for free from the Google Play Store. An iOS version of the UKPB app is currently in development.

The UKPB app is developed by Simunix, a directory services company based in York.

To download the app:


Android App Now Available

We are so excited to announce the launch of our first ever Android app! It’s a pocket version of our website and is available to download in the Google play shop now. We’re so pleased with how it turned out with its simple and clean interface; we managed to cram in all of our most popular search features whilst maintaining a sleek and minimal design making it really easy to use.

Although my favourite element of the app is the little piggybank icon next to the credit counter, here are some of our more useful features:


Find telephone numbers and addresses for people throughout the UK. You can search the full UK telephone directory as well as the Electoral Roll.


You can search for business either by setting a location or search for a particular business near you. For example, if you need to find your nearest Sainsbury’s, just click the marker button to search for all Sainsbury’s around your current location.


Make sure your post is addressed correctly by using the postcode feature which lets you find postcodes from an address or vice versa.

TPS Check

Is your number registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)? Check it using our simple TPS checker. Just enter your telephone number and we’ll let you know if your number is registered or not.

Dialling Codes

Search for dialling codes by area or reverse lookup an unfamiliar dialling code to see where a call has come from.

You can sign in with your existing login details and still have access to all the credits associated with your account – or if you’ve run out of credits, you can purchase them directly from the app.

It’s free to download so we encourage all our users with Android phones to add it to their library and spread the word around your friends and family. Don’t worry if you’re not an Android user, we are working on an iPhone version as I write this.