The Awesome South African Cook Off

Now that the ‘Great British Bake Off’ is in full swing and even providing some unexpected drama, I thought I’d tell you about some South African culinary delights. Not all of them are baked goods but all of them are pretty awesome!

Cane – a similar drink to vodka which is lovely for cocktails and long drinks. My favourite is cane, passion fruit cordial and lemonade.

Fanta Grape – a variety of fanta not found in the UK (only in South African shops). This is my favourite soft drink in the world!

Potjiekos – this basically means pot food, and is a variety of stews , soups and curries made in a potjie (similar to dutch oven) over a fire. My speciality is the Beef and Beer Potjie which I will be making tomorrow for 30 people!

Boerewors – this means farm sausage and is a spicy beef sausage often cooked on a braai (BBQ) and served in a bread roll with Mrs Balls chutney (available from some major supermarkets). I highly recommend you buy some Mrs Balls chutney as it is also very good with curries.

Umgqusho  (samp and beans) – this is a Xhosa dish which contains a corn product (samp) mixed with various beans, onions and garlic.  I recently prepared this with a variation of this recipe though I used canned beans instead of dried beans.

 (boerewors and samp and beans, not added Mrs Balls yet though)

Bunny Chow – this delicious ensemble is the perfect takeaway food. Lovely beef, lamb or mutton curry in a hollowed out loaf of bread.

Baked goods / puddings
Koeksisters – these are dough in a twisted braid shape deep fried and soaked in syrup. Careful they are very sweet!

Peppermint Crisp Tart – a heavenly no cook pudding that simply involves mixing cream, caramel condensed milk and peppermint crisp chocolates, then layer it with tennis biscuits. If you are interested in making this there are plenty of south African shops to buy genuine ingredients or you can do it with mint aero and an alternative biscuit (probably hobnobs, but I have never tried).

Rusks – a hard biscuit that must be first dunked in coffee before eating. I believe Ouma rusks are available on Ocado. Or you could try bake your own buttermilk rusks. I do strongly suggest you dunk them before you attempt eating them!

Honourable mentions
Skottle – a cooking device which is like a giant wok, great for cooking breakfasts while camping!