6 ways to beat the winter blues

The couple of months after Christmas is a notoriously tough period to get through. Festivities are over, the weather is cold and wet and you rarely set foot outside the office in the daylight. We’ve almost made it through January now so here are a few things helping me along the way.

1. Awards season

This is a great time of year for fans of film, music, fashion, celebrities etc. Throughout January, February and even March we have the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Grammys and BAFTAs culminating in the Oscars at the beginning of March. As all but one of these ceremonies are broadcast live from the USA, they tend to be on rather late for us here in the UK. I like to set my Sky+ to record and then settle down the following evening with a bowl of popcorn to watch the entertainment – and pass judgement on what everyone’s wearing! Don’t miss the BAFTAs on the 16th February and the Oscars on the 2nd March this year.

2. Great new films to watch

Following on from the above theme is all the films that come out around this time in the lead up to the awards season. I love any excuse to go to the cinema so I try to make sure I’ve seen all the ‘Best Film’ nominees before the Oscars roll round. My tip for avoiding noisy, crowded cinemas is to go to an early morning showing if possible, grab a coffee and a croissant/doughnut (whatever you fancy for breakfast) and settle in. My favourite so far this season is ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

3. Lighter mornings

The mornings are officially getting lighter as of the Winter Solstice which occurred on the 21st December 2013. The sun is now rising a whopping 27 minutes earlier than it was at the end of December, so those inclined to go for a morning run before work may actually be able to do it in the daylight! Not only that, the sun will set 46 minutes later tonight than it did on the 1st January.

4. Summer holiday planning

There are some really amazing deals on summer holidays around at the moment. I’ve signed up to receive Secret Escapes emails which let me know of the latest offers available on a range of holidays. Having some sun lounging to look forward to definitely helps me through these colder months.

5. The sales are still around and better than ever

Although most sales started before Christmas, many shops are now making further markdowns to as much as 70% off!  This is a really good time to find some bargains and I like that the high street is a lot quieter now without the manic festive crowds!

6. Mini Eggs

Easter is on its way and Mini Eggs are back in the shops! These are without a doubt my favourite chocolates of all time but they are only sold during the Easter season (between New Year and Easter). Having missed them throughout the rest of the year, their return to the shelves is reason enough to celebrate right now.

Images: Vogue UK, Hollywood Reporter, Maldives Tourism, Island Treats

Online directory enquiries through the years!

Ever heard of the Way Back Machine? Yes – it sounds like some sort of time travelling device, because it is! Well. Don’t get too excited, it just lets you look at websites how they looked many, many moons ago. Try some of the big sites like Google, it’s pretty interesting to see how they’ve changed over the years as design trends have come and gone etc.

Here are some screenshots of our own website starting with version 1, 14 years ago, in the year 2000… Ready? Hold on tight!

ukphonebook.com - 11th May 2000

ukphonebook.com - 8th December 2000

ukphonebook.com - 16th July 2009