New Year, new batch of TPS registrants

17 January 2011, York

Simunix has received the first set of TPS data for 2011 which brings the total number of TPS registered residential phone numbers to over 16 million. Simunix has added the data to the TPS Checker; its automated service that checks call lists for TPS registered numbers.

The Telephone Preference Service, which was launched in 1999, allows people to register their telephone number in order to prevent direct marketers from cold calling that number. Registering a number with TPS means it is illegal for an organisation to make an unsolicited marketing call to that number. Companies can face fines of up to £5,000 for doing so.

The TPS Checker checks and updates call lists to ensure flagging of all TPS registered numbers. The lists are run against the TPS and CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) registers and any numbers that appear on the lists are flagged.

In addition to the 16 million residential numbers registered with TPS, almost 2 million businesses have subscribed to CTPS. The volume of numbers registered with TPS and CTPS is continuing to grow rapidly, making it essential that all direct marketers have up to date call lists.