Shaking up the industry

Another article has recently emerged on the state of the directory enquiries industry with regards to the elevated and confusing pricing structures.

When Ofcom ordered a shakeup of the directory enquiries industry in 2003, the aim was to open up the market, removing BT’s almost monopoly on the service and hopefully encourage competition to provide exciting and cheap replacement options.

However, since then prices have soared to as much as £2 for a one minute call, with two of the most expensive options out there dominating the market – BT’s 118 500 and The Number’s 118 118. Although 118 118 may seem like a cheap option at 39p a minute, the minimum fee of £1.29 makes a one minute call cost the consumer a whopping £1.68!

This hike in price has prompted Ofcom to conduct a consultation exercise on the 118 system as the regulator is now under pressure to introduce new regulations to standardise or cap the fees.

There are however, much cheaper options out there. The service provided by Simunix – 118 365 – costs 50p a minute and there is no call charge. The shame is that more people don’t know about these cheaper services. So…

…go out and spread the word: dial 118 365 for directory enquiries!