iphonebook launches again

19 October 2010, York

The mobile version of ukphonebook.com has been relaunched with a completely new user interface and additional features.

Simunix felt a redesign of the site was needed in order to make it quicker and easier to perform searches. The interface has been completely simplified to contain three search parameters and the option to perform either a residential or business search.

One of the most important features of the new iphonebook is the addition of Google maps. As well as the full address and telephone number (if available), users are also able to view the result of their search on a Google map.

Whilst retaining the 5 free searches per day, iphonebook now allows users to begin their search immediately without the need to sign into their account. Simunix web developer James Bradley says, “We wanted to make this mobile version of ukphonebook.com as accessible as possible so removed the need to enter login details”.

This was a bold move by Simunix who rely heavily on the registration process to provide them with details on where new users are coming from. James continued, “This has opened up the site to everyone, whether they are registered with us or not, and means people can find that number or address, literally, at the click of a button. The most important thing to us is that we are providing the best directory service out there.”

There is now a corporate version of iphonebook in circulation within many UK police forces. Simunix recently completed work on a BlackBerry optimised mobile site that has since been deployed to 2,500 users at South Wales Police.

Simunix is a directory services provider that pioneered the UK’s first directory enquiries website, ukphonebook.com in 1999. Since then, its range of products and services have been rolled out to both large, multi-national organisations and small businesses all over the country.


Latest news from the Simunix offices

New developments to report from the office today:

  1. We have relaunched the mobile version of ukphonebook.com. It is available at www.iphonebook.co.uk – remember it is best viewed from your mobile phone. It has been redesigned to make it much easier and quicker to use and now includes a map function.
  2. It has come to our attention that none of our websites have their own favicons anymore. We have decided to get with the program and design little 16×16 pixel representations of our logos to appear on your browser tabs.
  3. We are viewing some brand new offices today. They are still in the process of being built (so hard hats required) as part of an exciting new development on the York University campus.
  4. And finally…for those Corporate ukphonebook.com customers. Ideas for a new user manual are currently being discussed. The function of which would be to ensure you are getting the most out of the service by demonstrating the best way to use and distribute it throughout your organisation.

That’s all for now folks.