No more third-party advertising

Simunix will now be using its own website to promote its 118 365 number.

We have decided to actively promote our 118 365 directory enquiries number through advertising on the public website. All third-party banner advertising will be removed and replaced with adverts for our own services.

The 118 365 number is one of the cheapest DQ telephone numbers you can dial in the UK costing only 50p for a one minute call.

The decision was taken after it became apparent that, with the thousands of visitors to our website each day, we could generate more revenue promoting our own services than through the use of external advertising.

So…it won’t be long before you can make use of our (sort of) advertising-free online directory enquiries service.

BlackBerry optimised directory service deployed to 2,500 users at South Wales Police

11 August 2010, York

The mobile device version of Corporate is being widely tested by UK police forces. South Wales Police have already taken up the service and deployed it on 2,500 BlackBerry Smartphones throughout the force.

The directory provider Simunix developed Corporate as an online directory enquiries service. It supplies users with both residential and business telephone and address information, electoral roll information, maps and multiple searching options.

Simunix has been working closely with Research In Motion (RIM), the creator of the BlackBerry Smartphone to specifically configure the mobile version for BlackBerry users. Police officers can now use their BlackBerry to carry out directory enquiries and electoral roll checks quickly and simply.

Martin Smedley, Assistant Director of ICT for South Wales Police says, “Using the device in this way is an effective tool for officers to verify details, which other systems may not have captured and ensure that our officers provide a professional service and continue to keep South Wales Safe. Officers can be better informed and more efficient in carrying out their duties”.

The majority of mobile devices used by police forces around the UK are BlackBerry Smartphones. Product developers at Simunix felt it was important to work closely with RIM to ensure that Corporate could run at maximum efficiency on these devices. Paul Hingley of RIM commented, “We are pleased to be working with Simunix to effectively integrate their services onto the BlackBerry Smartphones of police forces around the UK. It is important to us that users get the most out of our products.”

Corporate has also proven to be an effective cost reduction tool for many organisations. As more and more public sectors are being forced to save money, provides a low cost, highly efficient solution for those trying to cut back on unnecessary expenditure. Many organisations are still dialling costly 118 numbers for directory enquiries, some of which cost almost £2 for a one minute call.

South Wales Police, who have been using the service for several months, have made huge savings since incorporating Corporate into their systems. Martin Smedley added, “The cost savings are a significant bonus to the increased functionality”.

Simunix has been providing a range of directory products and services to numerous commercial and non-commercial organisations for over ten years. The information accessed in Corporate has been derived from a number of external data sources including BT OSIS, Royal Mail PAF, and Ordnance Survey data. The 130 million records are updated daily which makes it the most up to date point of reference for UK telephone and address information.