Simunix unveils its ‘shop window’

19 May 2010, York

Simunix Ltd. – the York based directory services provider – has unveiled its new website.  The redesign was initiated by a survey taken of Simunix customers that revealed a massive 78% were unaware of the whole range of Simunix products available to them.

The idea behind the new design was to create a ‘shop window’ for all the products and services that make up the Simunix suite of directory solutions.  The new site exhibits a revamped user interface that aims to make navigation of the site simple, whilst displaying the range of services effectively.

James Bradley, the web developer behind the new website says, “After all the developments we have made to the Simunix range of services recently, we felt it was important to have a website that successfully demonstrated that we are a company at the cutting edge of the directory solutions industry.”

Products and services now have their own separate sections on the website to make it easier for the average site visitor to discern exactly which service best suits their needs.  The Products section lists all the brands developed by Simunix such as, TPS Manage, ZoneSearch etc.  The Services section lists the individual solutions Simunix can provide with links to the product best suited to these solutions.

A Bespoke Web Solutions page has also been developed for the new site.  This section details how directory solutions can be custom built to meet more specific requirements from individual organisations.

In reaction to the growing use of social networking by businesses, Simunix has also created a highly interactive press centre that includes Facebook and Twitter feeds, latest blog entries and a press release archive.

Laura Lewis, Marketing Manager at Simunix says, “We have really been pushing forward with our marketing activities.  Employees at Simunix are encouraged to set up their own Simunix Twitter pages so they can keep our customers up to date on the most recent developments.”

Laura continues, “The blog has also been a new addition to the Simunix marketing strategy and has so far proven to be a highly effective tool for interacting with our customers.”

Simunix plans to carry out further investigations to determine how customers are using the new website and if the redesign has effectively raised awareness of the range of Simunix directory solutions.

See what the new website looks like here