Age Verification

Verify that someone is 18 years old or over.
You can check a single person or upload multiple people in a .csv file


How it works

We have created an age verification service that checks a supplied name and address against our UK people data and confirms if the person is age 18 or over.
If the name and address is not matched in our data, a ‘Not Found’ message will be displayed.
This service will cost 10 credits for each name and address checked.

Do not show this message again

Option 1.

Check a single person:

Option 2.

Upload people to verify:

Save your names and addresses to verify as a .CSV file (comma separated value file). You can save a spreadsheet in Excel as a CSV file. Then click the choose file/Browse... button below:


T2A API - Age Verification

We also provide age verification via an API. This can be integrated to your eCommerce checkout to prevent fraudulent transactions or your customer relationship management (CRM) system.