Age Verification

Any business selling age restricted products or services, either online or over the counter, MUST verify that their customer is legally allowed to buy the product by checking they are aged 18 years or over.

There are a wide range of products, from tobacco to certificate 18 computer games, alcohol to corrosive cleaning products and paint thinners, that all require customer age verification.

Verify against our actual data sources, that a customer is 18 or over, by typing in their name and address and clicking the Check button.

Found is over 18

Found but not over 18 is not over 18

Not Found is not found

Bulk age verification requires a modern web browser

This service requires features introduced in newer web browsers. To access bulk age verification please update your browser.

Verify the age of multiple people by saving names and addresses as a .CSV file (you can do this in Excel) and click the Choose file button below.



Beers, wines and spirits can only be sold to 18+ year olds

Corrosive Substances

Corrosive Substances

Age MUST be verified under the Offensive Weapons Act 2019

Tobacco and Vapes

Tobacco & Vapes

Don’t risk it! Verify the age of your tobacco and vaping customers


Prescription Medicine

Check you are only selling prescription drugs to over 18’s

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Integrate Age Verification into your website, app or CRM with our API by T2A

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Using Wordpress for your website? Get our Age Verification plugin for Wordpress...

If you're selling any items for adults on a Wordpress website, install our plugin for free in

Wordpress and ensure you comply with UK guidelines on selling age-restricted products.

Read more about it on our sister website T2A.

Why use T2A Age Verify for Wordpress?

  • Verifies age against ACTUAL data, not a customer tick box
  • Free to install in Wordpress and works seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin
  • No interruption in customers' purchases, no intervention needed by you
  • Pay-As-You-Go with no contract or commitment
  • No charge for non-matches. Only pay for customers that are checked.

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