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About Us

Simunix is the development team behind We also offer our services via T2A Web Services API, 118 365 directory assistance number and our powerful corporate service ORBIS

About us

We make UK people and business data available to our customers for search and analysis purposes. Our dataset is made up of over 130 million records including:

  • Directory enquiries information from the full UK telephone directory
  • Address information from the Royal Mail Postal Address Finder (PAF)
  • People information from the UK Electoral Roll
  • Company and director information from Companies House data
  • Telephone number screening information from the TPS and CTPS registers

How we handle your data

We ensure that all the data we store, and the services we provide, adhere to the latest GDPR laws and regulations. Please see our privacy notice for further information.

Get in touch

We work closely with our customers to ensure we deliver services that meet their needs and are always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get in touch.


Simunix Ltd, Middleham House 2-3, St. Marys Court, YORK, YO24 1AH

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