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Find an address - use our address finder to look up the correct address.

Find a complete address from just a postcode and building name/number. Free credits can be used on our address finder - register to get 10 free credits every day*.

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To ensure your letter reaches its destination, it is important to include the correct postcode in the address

You can use our postcode finder to find a postcode from an address. Just enter the information you have and we will find a postcode for that address. Be sure to register to get your 10 free search credits every day*.

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ukpb free directory enquiries

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Find people and businesses when you're out and about with the ukphonebook app... It's like having a phone book in your pocket!

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118 365

A one minute call to 118 365 will cost you no more than 55p - less than a fifth the price of BT and the men with moustaches!* | Cheapest directory enquiries


T2A offers a wide range of data capture and cleansing capabilities for your website or application via an API. Whether you need to find people, telephone numbers or capture and verify UK postal addresses - T2A has got it covered.
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