Rogue Companies Face Nuisance Calls Planned Crackdown

At last it appears that there is some good news for people plagued by unwanted (unsolicited) marketing calls, as reported by the BBC and other agencies on Sunday 30th March 2014.

I have a lot of sympathy; I receive about 3-4 unwanted calls on my mobile phone each day, even though my number is TPS registered. I always immediately, politely but firmly inform the caller of that fact, and it invariably causes an immediate disconnection.

Of course, it should not be this way, and it doesn’t have to be this way. If every company wishing to make unsolicited marketing calls to UK telephone numbers were to screen their data using a bulk TPS screening service, there would be no cause for complaint.

Our own TPS bulk checking service is:-

  • Fast, checks several thousand records per second
  • Flexible, it looks in your data for UK telephone numbers, however they may be formatted
  • Immediate – upload your data, check it, and download the results immediately.
  • Current – our TPS data is updated every evening
  • Comprehensive – we check your data against the domestic and commercial TPS registers

If you need to become TPS compliant, or are looking for a new place to perform your TPS bulk screening, why not sign up for a no-commitment corporate share account to receive the maximum discount on TPS and any other services you may wish to utilise – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how useful and sensibly priced the services are.






Bug Fixed and Thank You

ukphonebook TPS checking service engineers always respond to bug reports with the utmost urgency, and we have now fixed a bug kindly reported to us by one of our users.

Before the bug fix, if you uploaded a CSV to our bulk TPS checking facility, if there was an empty but non-blank line within the CSV, the checking process incorrectly regarded this as the end of the file. Sorry about that, but many thanks to our user for taking the time and trouble to report the problem to us.

The fix went “live” at 7.30 GMT today, 28th March 2014.

As part of our post-fix testing we stress-tested the bulk TPS checking service. Once the system had counted how many numbers were present, it was able to checkĀ  49, 996 records in just 6 seconds; it’s almost not worth having a progress bar…

Each telephone number is checked against both the domestic and commercial TPS data (TPS and CTPS) and we update our TPS data every evening.

Our fast TPS checking service is available here



118 Calls Are Expensive (but not 118 365)

Some directory enquiry services are well publicised and heavily promoted by their owners, but they are understandably reticent when it comes to disclosing the price of the 118 services.

Take a look at the chart below which shows the cost of a 60 second call to some 118 services, from a BT landline. The prices were correct as of 21st Feb 2014.

Of course those TV adverts for 118 services do show the prices on the screen (because the are obliged to), but they don’t exactly shout them out.

We’d like to shout out about 118 365:-

118 365 is just 51p for a one minute call from a BT landline. The major 118 providers are SEVEN TIMES as expensive! Use 118 365 every day.