5 tips for getting the most out of ukphonebook.com

1. Don’t enter too much information

We generally try to allow for obvious spelling mistakes but typing too much can increase the chance of a difference in the spelling of a name. Just try and enter the last name and a town or village to start with. You can always refine the search further if too many results are found.

2. Find people who are not in the phone book by searching the Electoral Roll

If searching for a person using the Phone Numbers search doesn’t return the result you are looking for, it generally means that that person in registered as ex-directory. However, you may still be able to find an address for them by using the Electoral Roll search. Again, start by entering just the last name and a town or village and then you can refine your search from there.

3. Download the iPhone app

It is possible to have ukphonebook.com with you at all times. The app is called iPhonebookUK and it can be downloaded on the app store. For £2.99, you get unlimited telephone searches and results are displayed alongside a map. You can add the telephone and address information to your contacts or dial the number directly from the app.

4. Get volume discounts on credits

By signing up for a Corporate ukphonebook.com account, you can look up numbers from as little as 3p a search. You can also get access to more advanced search options as well as additional data sources such as Companies House and the TPS register.

5. Sign up to receive emails from us

All our emails contain useful information on new developments, special offers, and news of new product launches. We don’t want to spam you, just keep you up to date!