One for our overseas friends – 5 essential apps for surviving London 2012

There’s a lot going on in the UK this year with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic games lighting up the summer calendar. It’s been recommended that we Brits skip our customary summer holiday to warmer climes in favour of a “staycation” in order to make the most of all the fun.

For our overseas friends who are considering a trip across the Channel/Atlantic/North Sea/Irish Sea this year, we thought we would come up with a few suggestions of essential London travel companions – for your iPhone.

1.       British Airways – Free 

You can view your check-in information, live departure times and gate numbers or can even book flights directly from the app. It provides access to your boarding passes and even allows you to check in with your phone. If you’re not planning on travelling with British Airways then check to see if your airline has a similar app.


2.       London Tube Deluxe – 69p/$0.99

This is a must for anyone planning to brave London’s notoriously busy underground. You can use it to plan journeys and check the status of specific lines which are prone to weekend closures. Available in multiple languages.


iPhoneBookUK – £2.99/$4.99

Unlimited searching of residential and business telephone numbers and addresses for anywhere in the UK. The “near me” function allows you to find the post offices, banks, pharmacies etc. nearest to your current location. Definitely cheaper than calling the expensive directory enquiries numbers.


4.       London Travel Guide – Lonely Planet – £3.99/$5.99

A detailed city guide with attractive photos and articles about things to see and do. It’s easy to use and beats carrying around a heavy guide book all day.



5.       Hailo – Free

A bit of a gimmick but worth downloading just to see how it works. The app claims that you can hail a black cabbie with just two taps on your iPhone and then choose whether you want to pay by cash or by card. You can watch the black London cabs circling around you on a map and see when yours is approaching!