Directory enquiries iPhone app launch

Remember me saying I was designing the website which was going to be launched alongside our new directory enquiries iPhone app (see this post)? Well they’ve both been launched now. You can find iPhoneBookUK in the app store now and visit the accompanying website at

iPhoneBookUK provides you with an unlimited telephone lookup and address lookup. It finds both residential and business information and has a “near me” function which uses your location information to find results near to your current location.

Results are displayed alongside a Google map and you can add the telephone and address information to your iPhone contacts directly from the app. There is also an option to dial the number straight from the results page.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Unlimited directory enquiries iPhone App

21 February 2012, York

A new application that provides unlimited searching of UK telephone and address information has been launched onto the iPhone app market. iPhoneBookUK has been developed by York based directory services provider Simunix which pioneered the UK’s first online directory enquiries service –

In the past, directory enquiries iPhone apps have been notoriously poor performers with and BT’s apps receiving an average of only two and a half star reviews and a barrage of negative comments often relating to hidden costs and inaccurate information.

Downloading iPhoneBookUK costs £2.99 and provides unlimited searching (with a fair usage policy). Searches can be used to look up any business and residential telephone and address information at no additional charge.

The app searches a database of over 30 million records sourced from BT OSIS. The data is updated nightly with around 40,000 changes made every 24 hours.

Users are given the option to “find people” or “find businesses” by selecting the relevant tab. They fill in the information they have such as name and location, and then tap the big blue search button. The results are displayed alongside a Google map and users can add the telephone and address information to their contacts or dial the number directly from the app.

A function to find people and businesses ‘near me’ has been added that uses location information to find results nearest to a user’s current position. John Lewis, Managing Director of Simunix says, “For example, if you’re in a strange city and need to find the nearest post office you just type in ‘post office’, select ‘near me’ and search.”

John continues, “We have spent years campaigning to get people using online directory enquiries as online services are a fraction of the price of dial up 118 numbers. However, we realise you can’t always get to a computer. The aim of iPhoneBookUK was to develop an app that allowed users to quickly perform functions they would usually do at a fixed computer.”

“The user interface is very straightforward. It is a simple telephone and address lookup that provides both residential and business information. We envisage people using this app when they’re on the go and need to quickly find a phone number or address.”

Simunix have begun development of an Android and BlackBerry version of the app.

iPhoneBookUK is now available on the iTunes App Store: Click here to download iPhoneBookUK

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Come and meet us

We are exhibiting at Venturefest Yorkshire 2012 tomorrow so please feel free to come and meet us!

This one day business event is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses from around Yorkshire to showcase and promote their advances in science and technology. Exhibitors and delegates alike will find inspiration, innovation and motivation as well as exciting investment opportunities.

Simunix will be exhibiting as part of the Innovation Showcase alongside over 30 of the best science and technology companies in the region where we will be demonstrating our newest ideas and developments.

It takes place at York Racecourse on 8 February 2012 (8:30 – 17:00).