9 Inspirational iPhone App Website Designs

I have been given the task of designing the website which is going to launch alongside our new iPhone app. To give you a little background, ukphonebook.com is an online directory enquiries service which Simunix developed 12 years ago. Owing to the success of this service, it has long been our intention to create an iPhone app version of it as we felt it would be perfectly suited to that platform, and so came iPhoneBook.

Before beginning a project like this, I always turn to Google to track down some inspiration. I started off by Googling, “best iPhone app website designs” and a long stream of best of and most beautiful lists appeared in my browser. Here are a few of the examples of good design that I picked out as my inspiration for the iPhoneBook app website:


Nice, muted colour scheme. It’s not cluttered but there is more information as you scroll down the page. I especially like the map shape at the bottom of the screen – a very clever and subtle touch. It’s not obvious how you purchase the app from the App Store though.


I love this. It’s so striking and immediately you are presented with the app icon so you know what you’re looking for on the app store. Hardly any text, just a few screenshots and a clear link to the App Store. Stylish, bold and simple – perfect!


My favourite combination of colours: grey, black, white and blue (very in keeping with ukpb/iPB). The stripes of colour are eye-catching, it’s not overloaded with effects, it’s neatly laid out and there are plenty of screenshots.

Dig Deep Fitness

Clean and simple.


Apart from the logo and tagline, there is virtually no text. It doesn’t need it, just a QuickTime Movie of the app being used. Very cool B-)


Fresh and clean but the tabs at the top seem a bit out of place.


Vertical and horizontal stripes! Wouldn’t have thought this would work but coupled with the vivid green it looks really fun. Hardly any effects used which seems to balance out the bright colour scheme and bold patterns.


This is where I got most of my inspiration from. The black bar frames the image of the iPhone nicely, this was an idea I borrowed for my design. Colour scheme is soothing and elegant, just the effect I was trying for!

Read Me Stories

Super colourful, not too much information – just a brief description, a demo and a link to purchase it on the App Store. The texture of the background looks effective too (I also borrowed that idea for the iPhoneBook website background – did it using the noise filter in Fireworks).

The iPhoneBook website isn’t live yet so don’t judge my design skills on what’s there now! We will be launching the app and website in the new year.

See us at Yorkshire’s Venturefest 2012

We have been selected to exhibit in the Innovation Showcase at Venturefest Yorkshire 2012.

36 of the best science, technology and most innovative companies in the region are selected each year from a large number of applicants. They are each awarded heavily subsidised exhibition space in order to promote their new ideas.

The Exhibition will take place at York Racecourse on the 8th February 2010

We will be exhibiting ZoneSearch, our visual tool for extracting people, place and business information. We’re going to take our HUGE flat screen TV to give a live demonstration to anyone who’ll listen. We might even let some of the delegates have a go themselves!

Cloud 2 won the Innovation Showcase last year so cross your fingers for Simunix this year.