Simunix acquires .co domain for new API

4 August 2011, York

The York-based directory solutions provider Simunix has become one of the increasing number of organisations to adopt Colombia’s most recent export by launching its new API on the .co domain which was made internationally available a year ago.

The launch of marks the first time Simunix has made its full range of data available to other web developers and allowed them to incorporate it into their own websites and business applications.

Users of T2A can find, validate and verify data by searching the Simunix database of over 300 million records which includes BT and Royal Mail telephone and address information, UK Electoral Roll data, the TPS and CTPS registers, data validation records and Ordnance Survey maps.

T2A homepage

T2A homepage

Managing Director, John Lewis said: “Businesses of all types and from all sectors have a need for directory information. We already provide directory solutions to a number of organisations throughout the UK so creating our own API was a natural next step for us and has meant that we can deliver our directory solutions right to the heart of our customers’ organisations.”

When asked about the reasons for adopting the .co domain, John responded, “T2A is such a simple and easy-to-use product. We wanted to reflect this simplicity in our URL; is short, memorable and easy to understand.”

Simunix promises the most competitive rate of pricing for this type of data service and is offering volume discounts across all API functions available within T2A.

Ian Martin, IT Director at Simunix adds, “All the data is stored on the Simunix servers and we hold all the relevant licenses needed for the data supplied. Organisations wishing to use this data can access it without worrying about the practicalities of storing such a vast amount of data or of obtaining the appropriate (and often expensive) licences.”

Simunix has included extensive documentation and has built a developer forum into the T2A website in order to help users through the integration process.

Users can access T2A by visiting

Simunix is the company behind the widely used online directory enquiries service, the corporate version of which is in use by almost half of the UK’s police forces in addition to numerous other public and private sector organisations.


We’ve arrived

T2A has arrived! The API which can be used for finding, validating and verifying data has been launched along with its own developer forum, plus Twitter and Facebook pages in order to encourage interaction amongst users.

T2A logo

T2A logo

We’ve made the full range of Simunix data available to developers via this API which can be incorporated into any system to build professional websites and business applications. There are a large range of services that we provide, each of which fall under one of the following five headings: Location Services, Find People, Telephone Numbers, Address Information and Data Validation.

We have provided code examples and created extensive documentation to help with the implementation of T2A. We are also hoping that users will make use of the Developer Forum to share ideas and get help from an active community of developers.

The newly designed T2A website makes for easy navigation through the various search options and also allows users to have a go with an online demo of each service.

We are priding ourselves on the fact that we provide the most competitive pricing for this kind of service. The pricing page details the different credits packages available with information on the number of credits you get, package price and price per credit (we offer volume discounts). There is also information about how many credits each service uses.

Visit to have a look for yourselves. We are always open to any thought or suggestions you may have about T2A so please don’t hesitate to share!

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We’re really hoping this will get more people reading our blog and encourage more interaction amongst us and users of our services especially since launching our newest development, T2A.

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