Don’t worry, we’re still the cheapest for directory enquiries

We recently sent out an email to all registrants of reminding users of our low cost directory enquiries telephone service, 118 365.

This email appears to have caused some confusion amongst recipients who have misread the small print and been led to believe we are charging people £49 per minute to use this number!

I can assure you this is not the case. To clear the air, here are the details of exactly how we charge users of the 118 365 directory enquiries number:

Calls to 118 365 cost 50p for the first minute with no additional connection charge. Calls are then charged at 0.83p per second after the first minute which is equivalent to 49.8p per minute. Calls are usually successfully handled within the first minute meaning that your directory enquiries call should generally cost no more than 50p.

The culprit

Simunix NOT charging £49 per minute for directory enquiries number 118 365

14 February 2011, York

The directory services provider, Simunix recently caused many of their customers a great deal of confusion after sending out a well-meaning marketing email reminding them of the low cost directory enquiries service, 118 365.

A statement in the small print of the email had been misread by numerous recipients and led them to believe they were being charged £49 a minute for calls to the Simunix directory enquiries telephone number, 118 365.

This is not the case. The small print stated that calls to 118 365 cost 50p for the first minute and then 0.83p per second after the first minute.

The problems arose when recipients misread the 0.83p to be 83p per second meaning the second minute would indeed end up costing £49. This resulted in the Simunix offices receiving an avalanche of emails, telephone calls and posts to its blog, Facebook and Twitter pages with customers voicing their opposition to the elevated price.

The 118 365 marketing email that caused the confusion

In an effort to clear the confusion, Simunix has posted a new blog entry detailing the correct pricing structure of 118 365 and has released the following statement via its Facebook page:

“Some people seem to have been a little confused by our last email so I just want to clear the air. A call to 118 365 costs 50p for the first minute and then 0.83p per second after the first minute… NOT 83p per second as some of our users have mistakenly read!”