ZoneSearch: where would you be without it?

18 March 2010

ZoneSearch is the innovative new mapping and information system to come out of York-based data supplier, Simunix.  The service promises to improve the efficiency with which response and recovery units initiate their operations.

The unique mapping interface of ZoneSearch makes it possible to identify target areas with the click of a button.  There are three ways in which the user can perform a search, each of which provides the highest level of precision possible.

By selecting the Polygon Search function, the user can draw a polygon of any shape or size around the required search area.  This can include non-addressable locations such as railway lines, fields and riverbanks.  The Radius Search involves simply clicking on the map and setting the size of the radius.

Once the search area is set, the user selects the information they wish to search for.  This includes people, businesses and points of interest.  Results are then displayed in a table that can be downloaded as a .CSV file.

Finally, the Map Search presents telephone, address and resident information in a small box as the user hovers their cursor over individual properties on the map.  Again, the user can select individual records that can be saved and downloaded.

Simunix has been working closely with Ordnance Survey during the development of ZoneSearch. This has had the effect of keeping costs down for many organisations as the service utilises data that is already available to them under the Mapping Services Agreement.

Apart from the increased precision with which searches can be performed and the cost saving element, ZoneSearch has displayed a number of additional benefits.  There are up to 40,000 revisions made to the information every 24 hours, meaning there is no data source that is more up to date.  ZoneSearch has also proven to be a highly effective time saving solution for a number of organisations.

Paul McAfee, Head of Business Development at Simunix, says, “One of our clients spent 4 hours trying to identify people and businesses in a semi-rural area after unexploded ordnance had been discovered in a field – it took ZoneSearch 4 minutes and found 10% more unique records”.

Zone Search is the key to ensuring that organisations are compliant with the required levels of good communication necessary for effective response and recovery at a time of crisis.


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